4 Healthy Habits to lower Risk of Prostate Cancer

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Prostate is a vital male reproductive organ, located under the bladder. As men age, the prostate gets prone to various diseases. Prostate in old men is very much prone to cancer. Prostate cancer’s frequency in first tier countries, for example the numbers of prostate cancer in  US and Europe is quite alarming. Even in third tier countries like Pakistan its mortality rate was reported to be  5.6  of all other cancers in 2018. Although there are hardly any preventions that can help prostate cancer to develop, you can work with healthy habits that can lower the risks. It’s better to be cautious than to be at risk.

Men aged 45 and above are most likely to develop the problems of prostate such as prostate cancer. It is better to get a regular checkup with your primary doctor before anything dangerous develops in your body. Therefore it is important to pay a regular visit to a urologist from time to time. Some of the best urologists are located in Karachi which is why consulting with  a urologist in Karachi , can be a smart choice. 

4 Lifestyle Changes that Helps

  1. Exercise

Being overweight or obese is leading risk to Prostate cancer. BMI over 30 is said to be problematic in developing it. So it’s better to be in shape and healthy with the perk you don’t get prostate cancer.

Artificial foods like sodas, energy drinks, protein shakes etc. is very common in accumulating fat. A little slack in controlling the consumption of junk and artificial food leads you to various problems and you need a lot of exercise to throw that fat off. Having a busy work schedule can also lead to many health risks if you’re not exercising even a little bit.

How to fix it: 30 mins walk a day, jogging, cycling and swimming are the easiest habits you can develop. Going to the gym to lose weight or diet control is good too. 

  1. Watch What You Eat!

There are different studies relating various things you eat that can help lower the risks of Prostate Cancer development. 

  • Lycopene is an antioxidant present in red foods such as tomatoes, watermelons, grapefruits. Lycopene is said to help with various health issues. It is also a protector against prostate Cancer. It is better to get ripened fruit as it has large amounts of lycopene in it. Fruits and veggies are healthy to take with the addition of its benefits against prostate Cancer.
  • Green veggies contain compounds that break down carcinogens. Carcinogens are cancer causing substances. It is best to take veggies and fruits over junk food. It is healthy and helpful in bodily functions with rich mineral supply.
  • Keep dairy products at an arm’s length. Early studies on prostate Cancer suggests that calcium intake can be related to development of prostate Cancer, but it can vary. Choosing low-fat products can help too.
  1. Know your Fat

It is best to go for a low fat diet. It is beneficial for not gaining weight as well as other health related problems. It is wise to choose low fat products or use less fat in cooking. 

According to a study by NCBI, US, there may be a link to animal fat with prostate Cancer. Animal fat is taken directly through meat and indirectly through butter, cheese and lard. It is wise to choose plant-based fats like olive oil. You should avoid packaged foods and instead opt for vegetables and fruits. Some candies have animal fats and should be avoided.

Using less fat is almost always better for health, especially relating to heart issues and obesity. It’s a healthy habit that is good for the body in general and prevention of prostate cancer in particular.

  1. Smoking Kills

Smoking in general is bad for lungs, heart and environment as well. It is a curse with no expiry unless you quit, that’s if you’re a smoker. Smoking can easily work up more cancers than just prostate cancer. It depletes your health and is related to obesity as well. Quitting smoke not only reduces the risk of prostate cancer, it will get you healthy too.


Prostate problems are common in old people. Although, there is no relation to prostate problems that may lead to prostate cancer. Prostate cancer has very few preventions that can stop or slow its development. All you can do is take precautions beforehand and make yourself healthy. Your overall health matters more than focusing on one problem you might or might not get.

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