5 Best Google Tools That You Can Use For Online Marketing Purposes

5 Best Google Tools

Are you planning for digital marketing? That’s indeed a great idea of moving your business online or starting up with a new online venture. In fact, Google helps you with this in an effective way.

Whenever it comes to online marketing, Google always strikes the mind first. Not because it has millions and millions of users worldwide. But because it nurtures the small businesses with its free marketing tools and features. 

Visit a digital agency in Gurgaon or any other region near you. At the very first meeting, they will talk about Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and so on. Every small and medium-sized business find Google as the best marketing partner online. 

Are you interested to learn about the tools that Google likes to share you with?

Enjoy reading the article and note down the tools that will be useful for your business.

5 Best Google tools for online marketing

  1. Google AdWords: Google AdWords is the largest PPC advertising platform that allows users to target a wide audience on Google. Would you like to rank your site through ads? Choose Google AdWords to add sense to it.

    Create ads that target specific keywords related to your business. Google will make sure your adv appears on the first three slots of SERPs. This is known for producing quick visible results and takes no time to rank a site higher. You get revenue when a person clicks on your ad, and so the name pay-per-click.

    Google Ads lets users create a simple four-line engaging ad containing relevant keywords. You can further use Google Analytics tools to monitor your ad performance. We will talk about this tool in the upcoming section.

  2. Google My Business: Google My Business is basically known for a business listing. Without listing your name on the net, you can’t let your business run online. That’s impossible.

    Google gives you the chance to set up your name online and allow your prospects to learn about your brand. It is the very first you must take while setting up your business online.

    It doesn’t matter whether your business target the local audience or the global clients, with Google My Business you can make yourself visible for all. Google My Business makes your brand visible on both Google Maps and Google Search.

    Claiming your business name on Google is free. And here you get to display your brand on the local-3 area of Google, whenever a search related to the keyword or brand name is made.

  3. Google Analytics: Google Analytics allows you to monitor your web performance that includes advertising campaigns, social media activities, and your website. The tool is absolutely free which you can use to determine the online traffic, bounce rates, click-through rates, and a number of conversions.

    With this tool, you can analyze the performance by drawing reports and exploring the statistics. Further, you can optimize your activities to get proper visible results for your brand.

  4. Google Keyword Planner: In digital marketing, keywords have a great role to play. It is the primary factor that influences the growth of the online business. If you fail to list down the appropriate keywords, you fail to drive your business to bring optimum results.
    Google Keyword Planner plans the list of keywords for you. By performing strong market research, it helps you to find out the right keywords for the campaign. Using this you can even note down some negative keywords that may work inversely for your marketing purpose.

  5. Google Search Console: Google Search Console is a free marketing tool that enables users to determine the website traffic and monitor the website’s performance. This helps you to optimize your content and work accordingly.

    Unlike Google Analytics, Google Search Console pays more attention to the search term visitors. It helps you to find what online searches are preferring your site, which device your site is more viewed, which pages are more clicked, which URLs are browsed more, and so on.
    Google Search Console gives all the necessary details about the searches. Try to improve online visibility. 


At the initial stage, Google offers free services to every business. However, as the business grows, it suggests having a premium version of the tools so as to enjoy the advanced features and functionalities.

Would you like to secure a strong position online? Would you like to have good online visibility? Would you like to rank yourself higher on Google?

Missing out on Google tools will never ever help you to achieve your goals. 

Seek guidance from a company offering digital marketing in Kolkata, Delhi, or other places and enjoy marketing online.

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