6 Best Website Design from The Past

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In this digital world of 2020, we typically don’t value the abundance of the alluring and luxurious website designed carefully by professionals. These advanced websites are painstakingly planned according to the precise calculation and demand from the client specially focused on UI and UX. 

In contrast, currently, websites were rarely that simple or responsive. In 90’s we allied through low-speed internet and pay for hours for seeing just a couple of pages of the website with bad image quality.  Many bright features from the past are totally disappeared, we should calling to mind these best website designs and extinct features to enhance our learning and utilize them in any form to gain happiness and remember those times. 

1 HTML Was the Rule Maker 

At the beginning of web designing the main candid approach to comprise design was through the power of the table. With so much confinement, a significant website of the early era was truly simple. The first motivation behind tables was to make the structure for numbers, however, designers immediately utilized them to make web site design. The issue was these designs were exceptionally delicate and hard to keep up. There were a few advantages as well, for example, the capacity to adjust components vertically. Tables additionally prepared for the frameworks in awake of future need.  

2 Sorry! We Are Off Due To Some Reasons 

A considerable piece of attention from all of was “website coming-soon page” is utilized broadly to alert the target audience about the website status or notify them about maintenance work. Earlier, we saw these pennants all the time, however, it’s abundant now since it is completely futile to relate without any fundamental specification like domain, content or contact and it is the cause of the disturbance. But in 2020 websites are niftier and compatible with diverting capacities if the directed link is shutoff.  

3 Why They Count Us 

Once you may start thinking about old fashion websites then you must remember visitor’s counter shows how many users visit that site. That was a public declaration of each 90’s website, to be honest on one still sure and unable to explain what is the reason behind information sharing. 

Rarely these counters are utilized to watch out for guest’s activities especially accommodating website administrators to keep the reputation of the website. Even though they didn’t accomplish the reason as counter responds on hits just as opposed to visits. It likewise depends on visits only without any tracking and many of us cross-check our visit to see whether it’s working or just a myth. 

Indicated users’ information that was an unusual practice we saw in the 90s period. if we think about the current practices of the website design and development we are completely encompassed by the most recent devices to screen user’s activities.

4 Flash and Dancing Hearts

Nobody overlooks those shining gifs showed up as stickers or logos in an amusing manner. Nothing is more seasoned than this vivified gif. Curiously, following few years they are back again as “gif” we see plenty of dazzling and animated stickers as gif via social media. They are more popular in the wake of receiving by messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, twitter and so on as an emotion.

We also witness too much flash which started to lose a section of their gloss around the mid-2000s, when clients started to get irritated with continually expecting to refresh their pages and routinely having sound played at them over the time. 

5 Horrible Frames 

Those old edges were used in almost every other site in the past they are developed for a page navigation section. These edges are useful with data speed we got through dial-up internet. Those frames were frequently causing inaccuracy mostly with the lower speed data transfer. That inaccuracy was a direct result of a broken image and unable to download frames. They also cause printing problems because of the sporadic framework. 

Now in 2020, we have cutting edge and super-fast websites they are ever more unique and meet an extraordinary level of satisfaction of user experience. The insurgency and refining in UI and UX are rising step by step. We must appreciate the technology for creating such refined and manageable sites.

6 Big Logo Conflict

Back in the 90’s, the media companies thought about a striking method to fascinate their clients within no time every customer is hoping to put a greater logo with bright colors. This belief is wiped out as we move into the digital world where smartphones and tabs are so common. Websites are more upgraded as needs to be in term of size and content. Designers vigilantly plan an acute logo with the least colors and use significant pixels and valuable content as an essential format. 

We are believing more progressive, dynamic and stunning revolution in the future. And in the future, our existing articles have been purposeful as “old-school” techniques for learning purpose.  

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