6 Dream Holiday Perfect For Budget Travelers


The only problem with wanderlust is that most people can’t afford the extensive financial strain associated with it. 

If you have been putting off a much-needed dream vacation because you think you can’t afford it, think again. Now you can easily travel at a budget, thanks to the numerous affordable travel packages and finance options such as travel loans. 

Here are our top 6 travel picks for affordable vacations that won’t need you to rob a bank:

1. Thailand

Thailand is our top pick for an affordable dream vacation because of the interesting duality it offers. Not only does the capital Bangkok boasts of one the most exciting nightlife scenes, but if you are looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Thailand has pristine beaches waiting for you as well. 

Best travel spot if you are looking for: Good nightlife and beaches.

2. Montenegro

This tiny Balkan country is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Montenegro boasts of more than 100 beaches, pretty village hamlets that look like they’re out of a postcard, and five beautiful national parks. The on the ground costs at Montenegro are very low, so don’t worry about it being as expensive as other European countries. 

Best travel spot if you are looking for: A euro-trip on a budget.

3. Fiji

You might think Pacific Island holidays are for the rich and famous — holidays filled with high priced resorts, expensive food, and lounging around the pool. 

Since backpacking has come into vogue, Fiji has also come up with the options of affordable food and cheap accommodation, especially in the tourist favored spot — Yasawa Islands. 

Best travel spot if you are looking for: A relaxing holiday with sand and surf. 

4. South Korea 

The land of the boy band BTS has more to offer than its impressive flair for pop culture. Traveling is cheap since 1$ is 1,100 won (the local currency). It also has delicious food and beautiful countryside. 

If that’s not what you are looking for, Seoul is also one of the most hi-tech cities in the world, with a great nightlife. 

There’s something for everyone. 

Best travel spot if you are looking for: A dream vacation with delicious food. 

5. Cambodia

If history and architecture is your thing, you must put Cambodia on the list. 

Khmer orAngkorian architecture is world-famous for producing beautiful temples like the Angkor Wat. Accommodation and travel are incredibly affordable there too, so that’s always a plus! Don’t forget to pack your hiking shoes though, Cambodia has beautiful forests like Kirirom’s pine forests to explore.

Best travel spot if you are looking for: Adventure on a budget.

6. Spain

History — with a beautiful blend of food and art with a distinct blend of Spanish culture. Spain has everything you can ask for in a holiday destination. 

Spain is one of the cheaper countries to travel to in Europe as long as you stick to staying in hostels and using public transport, which is very readily available in the cities. 

Best travel spot if you are looking for: An artistic gateway with interesting historical sites. 

To make sure you enjoy your dream vacation fully, remember to plan your trip well. A properly planned trip will help you factor in expenses and make sure you don’t overspend

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