6 Things to Do in Bali for A Romantic Time with Your Spouse


You…Your lady love…Exotic location at the backdrop…Greatest tropical weather…Aphrodisiac sunset…Turquoise water…Golden beaches– You wish for it and get it in the land of Gods- Bali. Get drenched in different beguiling places and be lost amidst the paradise, holding her hands. Nothing can be more picture-perfect than spending quality time with your spouse or making love in the private beaches of Bali. Together you can go for swimming, rides, water adventures, dinner date, or just walk hand in hand and enjoy nothing but the silence and sanity of the wonderful phenomenon. 

So Bali has got a plethora of stuff to fill your trip with whole new experiences. You get a handful of things to do there. But choosing the best things to do in Bali can be a daunting task. That’s why we are here to help you plan your Bali trip in the best possible way. Scroll down and have a look. 

Go for a Bali Cruise Day Trip

Spend a romantic evening on the cruise trip. Enjoy sunset dinner in the coolest twilight air, and have breathtaking scenery of the Benoa coast and harbor. If you wish, get engaged in different activities that are happening around there. Take your SLR out and click some Insta-pics, zip your favorite cocktail, tangle your legs with the rhythm of music, see the pink sky when the sun is setting, and of course, don’t miss out on a chance of getting cozy with your love. 

Trek to Mount Batur

Both of you love hiking? If yes, then Mount Batur is the place, which you must add to your Bali packages. The exciting night trek will let you experience something unique, more beautiful, and you’re going to remember it for life. Witness the gorgeous rising sun on the very next day, and that’s Enchanting! You will really be overwhelmed with the view that this island offers from the top. The trek usually starts from 2 a.m. in the morning, and it takes 2 or 3 hours to be on the top. You will be handed with a flashlight, and the rocky path will not be easy to climb until you get familiar. But when you see the frolic in nature’s paradise, you will feel- all this worth it! 

Enjoy enticing sunset at the Tanah Lot Temple 

As you know, Bali is famous for its one of a kind offshore setting and lovely view of the sunset; this temple adds an extra quotient of beauty to it. Nestled on the coast of Beraban village, in the Tabanan Regency of West Bali, the temple is on a huge offshore rock which is shaped for years by tides. A day at Tanah Lot Temple will surely offer you such mesmerizing views that you’d never like to miss it out, especially when your love is at your side. 

Unwind the surrounding with a Helicopter Ride in Bali 

Imagine both of you are up in mid-air, she is holding your hand, and you can see the whole of Bali! Interesting? Indeed! Go out for an expedition in a helicopter, handled by an experienced pilot, and it gives you the views of different places that are not reachable by roads. When in the sky, you can see the smoking volcano puffing its big rings, stepped rice fields, highland lakes, towering cliffs, remote beaches, temples of thousand years of age, famous surf breaks in just 2 hours with a joy ride. So you must add this place into the itinerary of your Bali trip. 

Soak yourself in Hot Natural Bathtub in Tegal Wangi Beach

This one is a unique and hidden beach located at the western rim in the southern Bukit Peninsula. The Tegal Wangi Beach is named after the temple, nestled on the top of a limestone cliff. From here, you can see the whole coastline, which is offering a stunning escape to a dynamic outskirt. You can plan a day here. Start by visiting the temple and soak yourself in the natural hot bathtub while the sun is setting down, leaving the sky hue yellow. Both of you are going to have ample alone time to create memorable moments.

Try fishing at Warung d’Dangin

If both of you are quite fond of eating fishes, Warung d’Dangin is the place to keep you engaged throughout the day. Cook what you catch. The hub of seafood will definitely make you pamper your taste buds with prawns or crabs. You can have a great romantic dinner at the Balinese style Lesehan eatery perched in the Balinese city of Badung. The professionals will serve you delicious dishes made of the fishes you caught. So why not add this place into your Bali tour package, especially when you can wine-dine and enjoy a romantic day here?

Want to surprise your love at this marriage anniversary or going for the honeymoon in Bali? Get in touch with Pickyourtrail trip planners to personalize your Bali honeymoon according to your preferences. For further queries, drop a comment in the below box. Also, share your experiences if you’ve already been through these places in Bali. Au Revoir! 

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