6 Top Tips To Keep Your Place Cool And Keep Utility Bills Low


The process of cooling your house or apartment is quite expensive. But, it is possible to decrease the cooling cost and keep your place cool and comfortable. You have to take some proactive measures that can help you to keep your place cool. The best measure to maintain the cool place and keep utility bills under control is to install air conditioning Sydney.

With the rise in the mercury level, you should immediately implement proactive measures to reduce the cooling cost. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks that can help in making your place comfortable and cool during summer without raising the utility bills. 

1. Invest In Ceiling Fan

You can easily make you feel much cooler with the wind chill effect. The ceiling fan does not help in cooling the room, but it makes you feel comfortable with the wind chill effect. You should always keep in mind that you should turn off your fan when there is no one inside the room.

Otherwise, it is just a wastage of electricity. The ceiling fan also helps in spreading the cool air of the air conditioner inside the room to generate a more cooling effect.

2. Invest In Latest Technology AC

You should invest in the latest technology air conditioning system such as ducted air conditioning or HVAC system. You should call the professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors to install this latest technology AC at your place.

Programmable features of the latest technology air conditioning unit help in reducing utility expenditure. The sleep mode is a perfect example of a new feature in the latest technology AC, and this feature helps in reducing utility bills without affecting your comfort level.

3. Maintenance of AC System

You should also do not forget to do the maintenance of your air conditioning unit twice a year. You should do the maintenance before starting of the summer and second maintenance at the end of the summer season.

Invest in energy-efficient air conditioning system is not enough. You should also do proper care and maintenance of the air conditioning device. If you fail to do the proper maintenance, then it will result in an increased cost of cooling.

With the passage of time, the air filters installed inside the air conditioner trap dust and dirt. The dirty filter leads to blockage in the airflow, and it works harder to make your place cool and comfortable.

It is recommended that replace the air filters in the air conditioners every six months. It will significantly reduce the consumption of energy by 7% to 15%. In addition to this, you should also do the maintenance of evaporator, ducts, and condenser coils.

4. Do Not Let the Heat Build Up

The first step you should consider to maintain the ideal temperature inside your place is to avoid the buildup of heat. You should try to eliminate all those activities that can lead to the accumulation of heat inside your home, such as taking a hot shower, cooking on the stovetop, drying clothes inside your home.

It is recommended that you should microwave your food or grill it in the outdoor kitchen. Also, you should dry the wet clothes outside your place and under the sun. Heat accompanied by humidity is the worst combination.

Therefore, you should put in a lot of effort to reduce the humidity level inside your home. If you put effort into reducing the buildup of heat in the first place, then it will reduce the utility bills to maintaining the cool place during summer.

5. Keep Curtains And Blinds Closed 

Another good way to keep your house cool during summer is to avoid the entry of sunrays at your place. It is possible only if you keep your blinds and curtains closed. Experts say that you can save a significant amount if you prevent the heat buildup due to solar energy. The reflective blinds and good curtains can block the entry of sun rays.

Also, it is recommended that you should use the light color window blinds or curtains. It is so because the dark-colored curtain can absorb the heat and lead to heat accumulation inside your room. If the hue of curtains is lighter, then they will reflect back the scorching sun heat. 

6. Insulate Your Home

Usually, the main reason for increased heat and humidity levels at home is the default in insulation. Even the minor crack in the insulation can lead to an escape of cool air of air conditioner and also let the hot air move inside your home.

You can call the professional who can check the insulation system of your place. Mostly, the problem of insulation is observed in the window, doors, and attic.

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