7 Best Surfing Beaches in Australia


If you’re seeking a number of the best surfing beaches on the planet, look no farther than the stunning land down under—Australia sports millions of beaches for surfers of all levels to check their abilities. If a surfing trip is what you have got in your mind, you will discover plenty of beachside lodging to make your stay a comfortable one.

Bells Beach

Bells Beach at Torquay is a popular surfing destination if you’re going to be traveling through Australiaâ$™s Victoria area. House to the world-famous surfing occasion”Rip Curl Pro,” its amazing waves certainly appeal to seasoned surfers. There are various cottages and guest houses offered for rent close to the beach in Torquay, but travelers may also find many resorts and holiday parks across Great Ocean Road.

North Narrabeen Beach

North Narrabeen Beach is among the popular surfing beaches in Sydney, New South Wales. Situated the furthest north of the Narrabeen Peninsula, this shore hosts the Coke Classic surfing occasion that surfers flock to every year. Several nearby resorts and hostels provide comfortable lodging, and also for longer stays, travelers into the region might wish to consider leasing a beachside apartment.

Tamarama Beach

Another sexy shore with extraordinary waves in New South Wales is Tamarama Beach. Additionally, situated in Sydney, surfers may know this shore as “Glamour-ama” shore since it attracts a range of scantily-clad sunbathers! Accommodations are lots in this region — from shore homes and hostels to hotels and five-star hotels; there is a place right here in Sydney for everybody. Visit Southwest Airlines Reservations to get best discount on vacation packages with extra offers on flight fares to Australia.

Kirra Beach

The favorite beach of those pros, this Queensland surfing beach in Coolangatta, isnâ$™t for the faint of heart. Though this Gold Coast surfing shore does are inclined to attract a crowd, you will find more than lodging in the region, including a massive choice of comfy beach apartments and cottages and many luxury resorts.

Snapper Rocks

A brief distance out of Kirra Beach is just another magnificent Gold Coast shore called Snapper Rocks. Located in Rainbow Bay, this beach hosts many surfing events that understood the world over, including Quicksilver, Rip Curl Pros, Roxy Guru, and MP Vintage. This Coolangatta beach is popular among star Aussie surfers, and it is just a brief distance from many hotels, beach flats, and motels, which are costly to fit into almost any budget.

Esperance Beach

Situated in Australia’s Golden Outback across Australia’s western shore, this beach is well known for having the whitest sand on Earth. Another claim to fame is a tide known as Cyclops. Few individuals have tried this tide, but nearly every seasoned surfer knows about it! Accommodations for surfers within this area are lots — you can find a few beach houses available for lease, in addition to some highly-rated hotels and hotels which are just a stone’s throw away.

Prevelly Park

Prevelly Park at Margaret River is a surfing beach you have to see to believe. The endings on this shore can reach tremendous heights, making this a prime surfing place for experienced boarders. Do not sweat it if you’re only starting; however — plank rental and education are readily available to people who wish to understand the tricks of this trade. Conveniently near Prevelly Park comprise several beach houses for rent, budget hotels, luxury resorts, and much more.

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