8 Ways to Improve the Care of Elderly Patients in Hospitals


Pressure sores also known as bed sores and ulcers are sores that appear on the skin and damage it when a person stays at one position for very long. These are more common in elderly people who cannot walk or are bed ridden for a long time. These pressure sores can be very fatal and may cause a lot of problems such as blood blockage, infections and life threatening issues. 

Many elderly patients are kept in the private hospital or care centers where they are given proper care in order to make sure that they do not develop pressure sores or even if they do, they make sure to take proper measures to heal them so as to eradicate any problems. Hospitals mainly use medical sheepskin blankets to provide proper care. 

It is the duty of the caretakers mainly doctors or nurses who take care of the patients. Following are some of the ways that you can use in order to properly take care and improve the process of care for the patients in hospitals:

Analyze The Data and Its Outcomes:

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to improving the care being provided to the patients. You need to analyze the steps or programs you have developed for the patients to take care of them and also need to keep in consideration their outcomes to ensure maximum care, treatment and recovery of the patients at the hospital. 

Setting Goals:

When establishing a program for treatment make sure you have or set goals that you wish to achieve from the program. This can only be possible if you know what you’re actually doing and what your patient is going through. Based on the rules and regulations of the institute of health care following are the goals that should be considered when formulating a program and setting goals:

  • Safe 
  • Effective 
  • Time-efficient
  • Equitable 
  • Should cater the needs, likes and dislikes of the patient


Formulating a team when working for the patients at the hospital is very important. Not only in the case of pressure sore but for every kind of infection or disease. The doctors and their team should know what they’re doing and how they are going to deal with it. The team should have proper knowledge about how to deal with pressure sores so that they can properly take care of the patients. 

Human Factors:

Human factors involve the complete knowledge and know-how of how the human body functions and what is best for healing and treating any infection or disease in the body. This is important as this can help you to formulate ways in order to treat pressure sores. 


To make your program work you need to formulate a plan, a plan that can be executed easily and works efficiently for the patients in order to cater their needs. The plan should be based on the type and severity of pressure sores the patient has. 

This plan is basically the health care plan and it is formulated separately for every patient keeping in view their needs and wants. This not only involves the medications they require but also their food plan etc. This plan would make it easy for you to follow and treat your patients.

Goals and Progress:

Once you are moving forward with the program and your plan and you know it’s going to work it is important that you discuss it with other health care workers as well so as to make sure everything goes properly and they know how to move forward with everything. 


In order to make sure that you are giving the proper treatment to the patients and if your plan is working on healing the pressure sores or not you may take help from other health care organizations, doctors or healthcare professionals. This would not only help you to analyze the plan you have formulated for the care of your patients but also help you to keep check on latest treatments and technologies that you can use to treat the pressure sores. 

Even if there are any problems in the plan you’re treating your patients with, these organizations can also help you to improve your plans accordingly. 


PDSA also known as plan-do-study-act cycle is very important when it comes to taking care of patients and treating their pressure sores. This cycle helps you to plan a program, conduct a pilot study, make changes if required and then initiate it so that proper care can be given and pressure sores can be treated as early and quickly as possible. 

These are some of the steps that you need to take if you are looking forward to improving your health care programs to treat your patients.

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