A Guide To Necklaces For Men

A Guide To Necklaces For Men

You must have seen women flaunting their necklaces at marriage functions, parties, and other family gatherings. A necklace is one of the most important parts of women’s jewelry that is curved around her neck and is easily visible. Have you ever wondered about necklaces made for men? 

Nowadays, men’s fashion necklace has hit the market and is becoming an integral part of men’s wear. Obviously, why should women have all the access to beauty? Here, we have enlisted several factors that will help you choose the ornament for men.

Complement the Outfit

Interestingly, men’s dressing is completely different from that of women. Seldom they would choose some kind of “costume jewelry” to wear. This is the jewelry, big and heavy, and highly studded with diamonds and precious stones, meant for women. Putting it simply, an ornament is a centerpiece of a women’s outfit.

However, it is not that important for men. It needs to complement the men’s outfit rather than overwhelming your attire. Therefore, a light and simple piece of necklace is a perfect choice for casual dressing. It means the piece of jewelry should look natural on you, rather than making it the only eye-catcher in your dress up. 

Various Necklace Styles For Men

Adding to your curiosity, there is a wide range of men’s fashion necklace styles which would add to your style. Here are some of the popular styles:

  • Dog Tags – These are a pair of tabs on a ball chain. Either these tabs are plain or embedded with some religious or casual texts.
  • Chains – Unornamented and plain metal chains have added to men’s style for years. They can be varied according to their length, weight, and the metal used in them. 
  • Religious emblems – A necklace piece with a religious motif attached to its end. It is preferable that these motifs lie below the neckline and hidden inside the shirt. 
  • Chokers – A choker is basically a solid band that goes around the neck and is broken at several places with ornaments and designs. It is quite popular in the hippie culture.

Consider The Necklace Length

When the necklace hangs over your neck, it affects your overall style as well as the type of shirt compatible with it. Short, choker-style necklaces can suit any kind of dress, sort of a suit and tie. Though they are unusual but are not necessarily a bad thing. Moreover, for clothes like T-shirts, mid-chain, undecorated necklaces are preferred as they look cool on them.

Long-chain pendants are made for the v-neck outfits as they hang over the neckline of the T-shirt. But, they need to have an accurate size, neither too long nor too short. As far as comfortability is concerned, you can easily get your metal chains lengthened or shortened according to the needs.

Material Of The Chain

We all know that the cost of jewelry depends upon the metal from which it is made of and the efforts put into its making. There are several choices available to people like men’s gold necklaces or the necklaces made from silver or platinum.

Not only these precious elements, but men’s necklaces can also be made of steel, leather, hemp, or ribbons. They look pretty and cool on casual outfits, like on a beachwear. And the good news is that you can swap your chains easily. It does not mean that you have your pendants attached to a silver chain and you can’t wear them on leather thongs. Of course, you can. 


All in all, a necklace is something that adds to the accent of a well-dressed man. Moreover, the necklace piece shall add to the beauty of your outfit rather than overwhelming it. Also, you need to choose the style according to your clothes. Still, there are some styles, like pendants and religious motifs, which are suited to any kind of dressing. 

Furthermore, necklace length and material need consideration according to your fashion and choice. Remember, a piece of jewelry shall not define you, it shall add to your persona.

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