A Polo Shirt Is a Choice of Men & Women for Good Reasons

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A polo shirt is an essential wardrobe staple that is, used by men and women worldwide. It is an ideal piece of clothing for sport and casual wear. A polo shirt like Jerzees 437 can help men or women look more attractive than they look in a t-shirt.

The History of Polo Shirts:  

Initially, polo was a shirt designed for the comfort of polo players and other athletes. It came in a long-sleeve version initially. It gained popularity in the 1930s when Rene Lacoste removed the long sleeve version of the traditional polo sports shirts and applied buttons to them only part-way down. In the earlier twentieth century, polo shirts had undergone a great revolution, so they are available today in a short-sleeve version.

You may probably recognize the “alligator logo” of the Lacoste brand; it is because Rene Lacoste put it on his shirts to indicate the lengthier back (tail) of his shirts. The Argentinian polo player, “Lewis Lacey” chose a different emblem for his polo that was a “polo player”, and that is, how polo shirts came into existence.

Polo players found the new shirt layout for polo very comfortable than the traditional polo shirts. The new polo shirts underwent button and collar changes, and they were made from a kinder and softer material. Today, polo has become an essential wardrobe staple of men and women. 

Polo Shirts as an Essential Fashion Item:

Any ideas: When did polo shirts become a necessary fashion item? In 1972, when Ralph Lauren included polo shirts in a fashion line and named them polos. In modern offices, it is quite common to have a casual dress day, and a polo shirt is an optimal option for men or women to enjoy such a day in their offices. 

Why polo shirts? Polo shirts are better articles of clothing, in comparison to t-shirts. They have a collar, buttons, and they are made up of a thicker knitted material. Polo shirts are available online for different prices depending on their quality. Even a person with a low budget can afford a polo shirt. If you shop for a polo shirt like Jerzees 437 online, then you may be able to get your hands on it for a price as low as $6. So polo shirts are affordable fashion items.

Polo Shirts Are a Favorite Choice among Athletes:

Polo shirts have become favorite shirts of athletes for good reasons. They provide flexibility in movements; for the same reason, you will find golfers, tennis players, and polo players wearing a polo sports shirt. Moreover, polo shirts help athletes to look smart when they are on the field.; thus polo shirts are a favorite choice among athletes.  

Why Polo Sports Shirts While There Are Other Shirts?

This is an important question that needs to be answered. There are many kinds of shirts, which are available online, then: Why do men or women opt for polo sports shirts? Let us answer this question in bullet points:

  • Polo shirts are a comfortable piece of clothing, so wearers enjoy the relaxation while wearing polo sports shirts.
  • The athletes can move with convenience by wearing a polo shirt; this is also the reason behind the popularity of polo shirts.
  • Polo shirts are ideal as casual or semi-formal wear, so men or women can put on polo shirts to attend casual events or semi-formal meetings.
  • Polo shirts are attractive pieces of clothing, thus many fashion enthusiasts want them badly.
  • Due to the high demand for polo shirts, they are available online at reasonable prices.  

These are obvious reasons that encourage men and women to opt for polo shirts.

Why Do Businesses Show an Interest in the Sales of Polo Sports Shirt?

Several reasons motivate the businesses to show an interest in the sales of polo sports shirts, which are mentioned below:

  • There is a high demand for polo shirts in the online marketplace, so businesses know that their polo shirts will be sold in large quantities owing to their high demand.
  • Business owners see remarkable profits while selling polo shirts to buyers.
  • Business owners get polo shirts from the suppliers for a very low price, as they buy them in a bulk quantity that helps them ensure that they will earn a good RoI (Return on Investment) by selling polo shirts.


A polo shirt is an essential wardrobe staple for men and women. There is a deep history that is, associated with the foundation of modern polo shirts (short sleeve versions). A polo shirt is a typical choice of athletes, as it provides them the freedom to move freely.

There are alternatives available for polo shirts still, the majority of individuals go with polo shirts owing to the purposes that they serve to the wearers. Today, business owners and manufacturers have started to take an interest in the sales of polo sports shirts; because they know that they can make sufficient revenue by selling them. To sum up, a polo shirt; such as Jerzees 437 has become a choice of men and women for good reasons.

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