A Walk-through To Clear AWS Solutions Architect Certification

AWS Certification 2

AWS Certification 2

AWS services are trending in the market due to its various benefits. They provide the companies with security, storage and many more features which would help the company in improving its IT infrastructure. To create professionals in using AWS, the board has decided to provide a course in AWS after which the student has to give an exam. After passing the exam and giving the interview, the individual becomes a certified AWS operator and can use the certificate in any software industry to get a job. 

But, how can one pass the AWS exams? Here are some of the useful tricks that can help an individual to train and pass for the AWS examinations.

Complete ACG’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course

It is advisable to complete the course before diving for the exam. Though anyone can register for the exam, one needs to take a course to pass the exam with flying colours. There are various institutes which are offering online classes in this particular area. Moreover, by taking up this course, one would know the various functions used in AWS.

However, while taking up this course, an individual should take detailed notes and understand the basic concepts which would further help the person in taking up higher-level courses. A course in AWS would help a person in appearing for the exam without any problem. 

White Papers

AWS provides white papers for the candidates aspiring to take this exam. What are the white papers? White papers are based on customer interactions and cover the general practical matter which is required for the course. While taking up a course in AWS, one needs to make to go through the white papers. It usually helps the person in knowing the various queries and problems that one needs to encounter in real life and would help in solving these problems.

Practice Exams

Practice tests and practices exams have been proved to be beneficial for various exams. The official website of AWS provides with various practice papers. One can easily get sample questions from the official website and then practice accordingly. The website even conducts practice exams which would help the person in knowing how to solve the question paper within the given time.

These practice exams are conducted from time to time, and one can take it as per their convenience. Practice exams further help a person in getting acquainted with the exams and know how to divide time to solve the whole question paper.

Guide Book Of AWS

The AWS guide book or preparation book covers all the important points of the course, which can help a person while revising for the exam. This particular book is available on the official website and would be of great help for the person.

Moreover, this particular preparation book would help the person in knowing tricks on how to remember the keywords and terminologies so that they would be able to answer the questions.

AWS YouTube Channel

The Amazon Web Services even has its own YouTube channel, where one can get various important topics for the exam. The channel mainly focuses on the topics to cover for the exam and which units are important. It even provides various tutorials on many topics, which would help a student while reading that topic.

Taught from the professional AWS certified people, this YouTube channel is made for people who are taking up this certified course. They provide with quick and effective learning techniques that would come handy during the revision time.

Amazon Web Services is a vast area and covers lots of things. There is Amazon PVC, Amazon Cloud, Amazon Security and many more. A certificate in this particular area would state that the person knows how to operate and function with AWS, which would be beneficial for the company. Software industries are looking for AWS certified individuals who would maintain the IT framework and would keep it secure from intruders. By following the above steps, one would be able to clear the AWS examination. This particular exam would be able to open up various paths on the IT industries, and one would get to have tons of career options. A person who is interested in IT frameworks should take up this exam.

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