After Tiktok, WeChat, Govt Likely to Ban More Chinese Apps Like Helo Lite, Share It Lite, Bigo Lite and VFY Lite

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As we know that Tiktok has been banned by the Government along with 58 other apps. If we think what was the common factor among all these apps? These all 59 apps were made in China, and the Government stated that all these Chinese apps are detrimental to integrity and control of India, defence of India, state security, and public order.

After banning these Chinese apps, the Government has decided to ban some more Chinese origin apps that are similar apps like TikTok. Apps that are going to be banned- share it Lite, Helo Lite, Bigo Lite, and VFY Lite. All these apps are a lighter version of already banned original apps. However, these apps are taken down from Google Play and Apple app store. All these lighter versions of the banned apps were operating even after the ban. That is why now the Government has decided to remove them from the application stores.

Earlier, the Government has also warned all the 59 banned Chinese apps not to operate again in any situation. Otherwise, serious action would be taken against them. The Federal Government has come down heavily upon the infrastructure of Chinese language enterprise in India.    

Reason Behind Banning More Chinese Apps

The Government has taken an important decision by banning 59 Chinese apps last month, including the famous TikTok clone source code. This decision is taken after the issue of Galwan Valley between India and China. While banning the apps, the Government stated that these apps were not safe as they were using personal data of the user that can also be dangerous for our country. And, we think somewhere it is the right thing as China has backstepped the whole world with the coronavirus.

What is Decided by the Government Regarding These Apps? 

Now, The Government also wants to ban TikTok clone apps such as Helo Lite, share it Lite, Bigo Lite, and VFY Lite. Union Electronics and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that anywhere in the world, digital platforms should be responsive and accountable for the sovereign and security of all the countries including privacy, defence, and security of citizens. Further, he added, soon a robust personal data protection law will apply in India that will not include the data privacy relevant concerns but also data available for economic and innovation development. 

Apart from that, other Chinese and TikTok app clone that was operating after the ban have been taken down from application stores. The Government believes that this step will safeguard the interests of crores of Indian internet and mobile users. 

Why were People Using These Lighter Versions of Banned Apps?

After the ban of TikTok clone script and other Chinese apps, People who were used to these apps were looking for the app alternatives. These apps, like Helo Lite, Share it Lite, Bigo Lite, and VFY Lite, were providing services like those banned apps. Here are what they were providing-

Helo Lite

It was used for videos to play or download, and it was fun for users with all types of content in a video format. 

ShareIt Lite

It is used to share files by connecting two devices. Different types of files also can be shared through it.

Bigo Lite

You can connect with the other users through live videos available on it. It includes all your favourite features.

VFY Lite

Find the latest videos, news, and photos on this VFY lite. Explore all updates and information too.

Final Verdict

As you have read, this article has included all the information about the ban on Chinese apps. Now, no person can use these Chinese apps, and they have to use apps made in India only. For the TikTok clone app development, BR can provide you with high-quality services. You can contact us, and we can assist you further.  

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