Airbnb increases its CTR with this simple SEO technique

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airbnb 3399753 1280

With this simple SEO detail, Airbnb increased its CTR.

Airbnb has understood very well that Google loves fresh content and that users increasingly appreciate it. Although his site is not high content, he has chosen to use a super simple but very effective technique that may help you to increase the CTR in the results of the search engines. Have you started your E-business? Do you want a perfect working space as your office? Consult Litman Construction for the best solutions for the renovation of your place.

Optimize the click rate of search engine results.

When we talk about optimizing the CTR in search results, there are several elements that we must take into account, especially those in SEO and webmasters, since it would have a positive impact on the click-through rate.

The <title> tag

The title tag is one of the most visible search engine elements. Therefore optimizing it is essential to have a greater impact on the user’s decision to click or not.

Meta description

The Meta description is one of the three elements, such as the title and the URL that are always visible to search engines and the user. This is why Meta description has a direct impact on SEO, and in the medium term on CTR.


This element is most important, if the navigation path has not been marked correctly or simply does not have one, the page URL will be visible in the results. So let’s say that the URL also has an important role to play in the user’s decision to click or not on the page.

Publication date

Although you do not believe it, the publication date of the page, that is, the one that appears in the SERP’s, is another element that has a strong impact on the user and that we may not take into account.

In addition to there are small details or fragments that we do not take into account, such is the case of the stars, number of votes, reviews, price and availability of a product, event display, etc. Local SEO results are also important and have an impact on the CTR.

External elements, keep them in mind

It is certain that the external elements and features of Google AdWords, Google Shopping, Knowledge Graph, Google Images, Google Maps, Google Hotels, Google Flights, Featured Snippet, can harm the CTR of traditional SEO results; no need to get depressed.

Well if we go back to the beginning, then we would ask ourselves, what does all this have to do with Airbnb and the next question would be:

But how does Airbnb expand its CTR through its Meta description?

Airbnb has earned quite a bit of CTR using and a very simple and interesting technique to increase your page clicks in Google results: Add a date at the beginning of your Meta description and update it automatically every day.

This simple technique, while very simple, allows Airbnb to display a very recent date on almost all of its pages, with a screen very similar to what Google naturally does in its search results.

The first result shows a “false date” dynamically added by Airbnb in its Meta description taking the same display format as Google. The second result shows a “real” date voluntarily retrieved by Google through markup. In the first result, if Airbnb can display the date you want and in the format you want, it cannot differentiate its color from the rest of the Meta description as it is an integral part.

Is there a risk of the Google penalty?

If we have no data on a possible boost in CTR (click-through rate) after the introduction of this little “trick”, it is unlikely that Google will penalize this technique because Airbnb is free to put what it wants in its Meta description.

What do you think of this technique, do not hesitate to try it and tell us about your experience?

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