The 9:3:3:1 ratio of the offspring in Gregor Mendel’s dihybrid crosses led him to conclude that _____________________________. 1)some of the alleles were more abundant in the population of garden peas than others 2)the inheritance of different traits are connected to each other 3)some traits are dominant over other traits 4)the inheritance of one trait does not impact the inheritance of another trait


Answer 1

It is 3 . I wish it help. Please comment on my answer. Thank you

Answer 2
Answer: it's 3 , hopefully my answer was helpful?

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According to most scientists, green algae are the ancestors of plants. Which statement best supports that belief?A. Both have cell walls made of cellulose, store food material as starch, and have chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b. B. Both are multicellular and haploid, are often found in fossil remains, and have cell walls made of cellulose. C. Both have cell walls made of cellulose, have xanthophyll as their chief photosynthetic pigment, and are multicellular.
In a certain mutant strain of bacteria, the enzyme leucyl-tRNA synthetase mistakenly attaches isoleucine to leucyl-tRNA 10% of the time instead of attaching leucine. These bacteria will synthesize:
An unconventional object, action, or idea that a large number of people are attached to for a short period of time.1, The sun is the ultimate source for energy on the Earth. Please select the best answer from the choices provided T F
WHAT IS THE cell membrane gateway system is specifically called the
DNA makes a good molecule for storing information because? its bases can be joined together in any order, like the letters of the alphabet can be strung to form different words. each nucleotide within a DNA strand can give a cell different information, and there are many nucleotides in every cell. it can absorb ultraviolet light, so DNA can help protect cells from the damaging effects of this form of radiation. it is a type of nucleic acid, and most acids are an important part of information storage within cells.

All microorganisms are germs.
a. True
b. False


Generally speaking, the term "germs" refers to all microorganisms. Because we don't know what KIND of germs are on something, we loosely label it as "germy". It is understood that germs cause illness or disease.

What are the two roles of the central vacuole in plant cells


Vacuoles in plant cells aid in preserving the equilibrium of water. A single vacuole may occasionally occupy the majority of a plant cell's inner volume.

What are the central vacuole?

Water and other cellular components are stored in the enormous, membrane-bound organelles known as central vacuoles, which are present in plant cells.

Pressure is applied to the surrounding cell components and the cell wall by a central vacuole that is filled with fluid.

The central vacuole has a variety of functions in plant cells, including storing salts, minerals, nutrients, proteins, and pigments, promoting plant development, and contributing significantly to the structure of the plant.

Therefore, central vacuole play an important role in plant cells.

Learn more about central vacuole here:


#1. Keeping pressure in the plant. #2. Keeping structure from collapse while growing.

Given the mRNA sequence GGU-GCU-CCU-AUU, what would be the sequence of tRNA anticodons?





The sequence of the tRNA anticodons will be complementary to the mRNA coding sequence. This complementary pairing is very necessary for the correct protein to be transcribed as it allows the right amino acid to be supplied.

The sequence for tRNA anticodons would be CCA-CGA-GGA-UAA. This is because the base Guanine (G) always pairs with the base Cytosine (C). The base Adenine (A) pairs with Thymine (T) in case of DNA and Uracil(U) in case of RNA.

Answer:the answer is b

Explanation: it is

Would you expect a fast-moving mountain stream or the Mississippi River to have more dissolved oxygen?


There are more mountains west of the Mississippi River. Themountains west of the Mississippi River are also higher than thoseeast of the river

Skepticism in the field of science can lead to new understanding. This is because when scientists are skeptical of a scientific study, theyA. usually accept the discoveries made in the study.
B. disregard the findings of that study completely, without proof or reason.
C. perform experiments to validate or disprove the findings of that study.


C. perform experiments to validate or disprove the findings of that study.

2. Which of the following do all animals not need to do in order to survive.-capture prey.
- Obtain oxygen.
- Eliminates waste.
- Avoid predators


I think the answer is Eliminates waste