Find the best word to complete the sentence. 1. ___ determines Arthur's success at pulling the sword, Excalibur, from its stone. A. Antecedent B. Precept C. Predestination D. Premonition


Answer 1
Answer: B , hopefully my answer was helpful and right ?

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Write two or three simple sentences describing the picture above.
Locate the complete adjective phrase and the noun modified. The tree by the brook is a willow. Adjective Phrase: Modified Noun:
What is meant by “complex sentence”?A. A sentence that uses elevated and specific vocabulary.B. A sentence that joins clauses to create diversified structure.C. A sentence that communicates complicated concepts.D. A sentence that relies on basic noun-verb structure.
Adverbs can modify all of the following exceptA)VerbsB)AdjectivesC)other AdverbsD) Nouns
"The Cigarette" When does Marji declare she is an adult?

Where did everything take place? Describe the scene in animal farm on the battle of the cowshed.


Well, like I said before, I know my stuff about this because of my exam, so you could trust me ;)
Everything took place outside in the barn, and there was fear of losing was the fear among all animals, and EVERYONE STRICTLY followed Snowball's orders to make sure they are safe and win this battle. The farmers were very assertive, but were in shock when the animals fought back. They gained very little confidence when a few sheep died, but alas, they had surrendered when no more action could be made.
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Final answer:

The Battle of the Cowshed in 'Animal Farm' takes place on the farm itself. It is a tense and intense event, with the animals coordinating a defense against Mr. Jones. The battle, just like the resistance against collectivization in Stalin-era USSR, signifies a struggle against oppressive forces.


The Battle of the Cowshed in George Orwell's novel Animal Farm takes place on the farm itself, previously known as the Manor Farm. This battle is characterized by an atmosphere of intensity and fear as Mr. Jones, the former farm owner, attempts to reconquer the farm. There's a sense of unity among the animals as they band together to defend their farm against human intrusion.

It's an uphill battle for the animals, implied by the use of the cowshed as the main battleground, a strategic place in the farm with natural defenses like the hills surrounding it. The descriptive scene before the battle depicts that even the weather seems to be holding its breath, with the air heavy with anticipation.

The reference you gave about Stalin's agriculture policy goes along with the plot of Animal Farm, as it's an allegory of the Soviet Union's shift to communism, where there was resistance in reality, reflected in the violent battle in the story.

Learn more about Battle of the Cowshed here:


The sentence that includes the phrase “that all men are created equal” is an example of



Declaration of Independence

Who speaks the line "Lord, what fools these mortals be"? A. Puck
B. Cobweb
C. Oberon
D. Mustardseed


Maybe A I am not sure I think A is the answer

Which sentence uses the superlative form of an adverb? A. I usually attend her dance recital.

B. Furry mice crawled swiftly into the nest.

C. My sister's cat ran farther from the sink than my cat.

D. Of all the contestants in the pageant, she spoke most confidently.


Anytime the word most is used with an adv. it makes it superlative

Which word best describes Creon as he approaches his son in the cavern?a. exhausted
b. proud
c. hopeful
d. repentant


The answer is D, Creon is repentant when he approaches his son in the cavern, because his whole family is dead or about to die. 
I believe the answer is D

According to John Locke, the "natural rights" are separation of powers will of the majority and power social contracts and voting life, liberty, and property


According to John Locke, the "natural rights" are "social contracts and voting" since this was the basis of his thinking and what aided the American and French revolutions. 

Answer: Life, Liberty, and Property

Explanation:  According to John Locke the ''natural rights are life liberty and property.

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