Which group of words is a sentence fragment? A. Wolves are wild animals. B. Wolves and dogs are close relatives. C. A wolf can run up to 40 miles a day. D. As all dogs on Earth are related to wolves.


Answer 1
Answer: D

Because it doesn't tell us the what is happening. It just tells us a part of the the detail.

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Answer 2
Answer: D. because its just telling part of the detail

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Which words make up the adverb phrase in this sentence? We walked to the store to buy milk and bread.a. to buyb. milk and breadc. We walkedd. to the store
Which of these verbs expresses an action that is perceived or sensed? A. Laugh B. Want C. Punch D. Jog
What is ironic about the declaration on the pedestal to Ozymandias statue?
Software is giving instructions so that text is displayed on the monitor. This software is an example of _____.application softwareprogramming languagesystem softwareprogramming software
Which part of speech is the underlined word? (Hand) me that hammer, please.a. adjective b. noun c. pronoun d. verb

Which theme does the diction from the passage support best? “‘It’s better to live somehow than not to live at all.’” Bets reveal the best in humanity.


Answer: Life is only worth living if lived well.

The passage presented above talks about living life at its finest. One must not be overruled by the doubts and the risks instead must gamble it all and live life like there is no other. Truly, one has got one life only therefore, it must be lived fully.

What is nonfiction? made-up stories true stories long stories short stories


it is: True Stories

fiction means fake
non-fiction means real
Non-fiction is based around real and true aspects in society. You can find Non-Fiction in library's, shops and many other places, however they are mostly about real artefacts that happened years ago. Non-Fiction is mostly long, but not short stories so don't go thinking about fiction because they are the total opposite!
An example of Non-Fiction is: Vikings! Vikings were real so some people make books about them and what they did in the past.
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3. Slice the kiwi, bananas, and melon but leave the cherries alone.


The sentence, slice the kiwi, bananas, and melon but leave the cherries alone is incorrect because it needs a comma after but.

What are commas and semicolons in sentences?

When we write a sentence that requires us to write multiple things in one sentence, we use a comma to separate the two phrases.

An example is apples, cherries, and bananas are fruits.

A semicolon is used when we write two independent clauses, and they are joined with a conjunction.

Thus, the correct option is b, incorrect.

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Whish one of the following sentence has an error in capitalization


D has an error great river should be capitol because its the name of the river

Which sentence contains no errors in the use of apostrophes? A. Don't put the dog's food in it's bowl yet. B. When you're finished playing the game, put it away. C. Have they heard anything about they're lost dog? D. I thought those books were there's.


"B. When you're finished playing the game, put it away" does not contain any errors in this way, since in this instance "you're" is combing the two words "you" and "are". 

What is a statement that appears self-contradictory but reveals a kind of truth?Fantasy
Slant rhyme


The statement that appears self contradictory, but reveals a kind of truth is called a Paradox. Paradox is a figure of speech that despite of its contradictory propositions, it reveals a certain kind of truth to its statements after being investigated and understood very well. For example: From Robert Frost, "Men work together, whether they work together or apart".
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The following question refers to “Lather and Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez.1. Which of the following BEST describes how the narrator feels when Captain Torres walks into his shop? A.flattered B.nervous C.uninterested D.embarrassed The following question refers to “Lather and Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez. 2. Which of the following quotes from the story gives the BEST explanation for the narrator’s final decision? A. “My fate hangs on the edge of this razor blade.” B. “ . . . I am a painstaking barber.” C. “ . . . I’m shaking like a regular murderer.” D. “ . . . I am only a barber. Each one to his job.” The following question refers to “Lather and Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez. 3. Read the sentence from the story and answer the question below. The lather was drying on his face. I must hurry. . . . The razor kept descending. Denotative meaning of descending: coming down or downward Considering the circumstances of the story, how does the connotative meaning of descending affect the mood of the story? A.The positive and loving connotative meaning of descending helps create a romantic mood. B.The negative and dangerous connotative meaning of descending helps create a suspenseful mood. C.The neutral and balanced connotative meaning of descending helps create a calm mood. D.The negative and depressing connotative meaning of descending helps create a somber mood. 4. Which of the following statements is FALSE? A.We cannot trust the narrator because he is telling the story from his point of view. B.Torres does not lie to the barber even though he knows the barber’s connection to the revolutionaries. C.We are never told whether the revolutionaries are fighting for good or against good. D.The barber acts on impulse when deciding whether or not to kill Torres. What is the narrator's point of view in the passage below? 5. Patty and Joyce thought that being roommates in college would be great since they were best friends in high school. Unfortunately, when they arrived, things did not go quite as well as they had hoped. A.first-person B.third-person (omniscient) C.third-person (limited) D.second-person