What was the battle cry of the colonists


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Answer: The battle cry so to speak of the colonists was the famous phrase "no taxation without representation." The colonists believed that they were being unjustly taxed by Britain and therefore had reason to revolt to overturn this injustice and others they felt were being imposed on them at the hands of Britain. 

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The Stone Age is a period in human prehistory when stone ________ were made/used.caves






there are different kind of ages but the where different tools where used stones where used during the stone age and studies shows that the stone age lasted for about 2.5 million years

Describe the role William Macintosh had in the removal of creek American Indians from Georgia


William Macintosh was a controversial chief who played a major role in the removal of creek from Georgia.


Creek Indians were British partners during the 1812 war and it resulted in U.S win over Creek. U.S wanted to acquire the rights of Creek territory. William Macintosh made all his efforts in doing this. So, he faced opposition from many Creeks who opposed the whites in doing so on the Indian land.

He promoted several ways of changing the traditional ways of Creek. All this made him earn a lot of respect from U.S. officials. He also led the U.S victory over Horseshoe Bend, both the upper and lower creeks land.

What are main sources for archaeologists?


There are primary sources such as jewels, pottery, or a diary then there are secondary sources which are encyclopedias

How did the mona lisa change leonardo da vinci



The creation of the Mona Lisa elevated Leonardo da Vinci's status as an artist, inspiring him to continuously improve his skills. The painting's enigmatic expression and artistic innovation showcased his talent and left an enduring mark on art history, influencing future generations of artists.


In summary, the creation of the Mona Lisa was a transformative event in Leonardo da Vinci's life and career. It showcased his artistic brilliance, motivated his pursuit of perfection, delved into the complexities of human expression, left an indelible mark on art history, and elevated his status as both an artist and a polymath of the Renaissance.


The Mona Lisa had a profound impact on Leonardo da Vinci in several ways:


The Mona Lisa had a profound impact on Leonardo da Vinci in several ways:

1. Artistic Mastery: Painting the Mona Lisa allowed da Vinci to showcase his exceptional skills as a painter. The masterpiece demonstrated his ability to achieve lifelike details, such as the enigmatic smile and the play of light and shadow. This further solidified his reputation as a skilled artist.

2. Technical Innovations: In creating the Mona Lisa, da Vinci experimented with new techniques and materials. For example, he employed sfumato, a technique that involves subtle blending of colors and tones to create a soft and smoky effect. This technique, along with others used in the painting, pushed the boundaries of artistic expression and influenced subsequent generations of artists.

3. Attention to Portraiture: The Mona Lisa marked a shift in da Vinci's approach to portraiture. Instead of simply capturing a physical likeness, he aimed to convey the subject's inner thoughts and emotions. This psychological depth and realism in portraiture became a hallmark of his work and left a lasting impact on the art world.

4. Enduring Legacy: The fame and acclaim that the Mona Lisa achieved during da Vinci's lifetime and continues to hold today significantly contributed to his reputation as one of the greatest artists in history. The painting has become an iconic symbol of Renaissance art and da Vinci's artistic genius.

Overall, the creation of the Mona Lisa not only showcased da Vinci's talent but also pushed the boundaries of art, leaving a lasting impact on his artistic style, technical innovations, and legacy as an artist.

What was the type of money system designed by Thomas Jefferson


The type of money system that was designed by Thomas Jefferson is the decimal money system.

What is a decimal money system?

A decimal money system is also called Decimalization. The decimalization of currencies is the process of transforming the currency of each country from its earlier-decimal denominations to a decimal system.

This system was developed by Thomas Jefferson. This system is accepted by almost all countries.

Therefore, a decimal system was designed by Thomas Jefferson.

Learn more about decimal system, refer to:


its decimal money system

Non examples of artifacts


new objects made from the present period