What is greater 8/9 or 11/12


Answer 1
Answer: 11/12 because 11 divided by 12 is 0.9166667 and 8 divided by 9 is 0.8889

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Help please show work
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ms. mckee wants to give each student in her class some candy. She wants everyone to recieve an equal number of jelly beans. She has less than 100 jellybeans. If she makes groups of 2,3, or 4 she will have 1 jelly bean left over. If she makes groups of 5, she will have no jellybeans left over, How many jellybeans could she have?


ok so since she makes groups of 5 an no left over, the number is divisble by 5
means that it ends with 5 or 0
possible ones are

groups of 2, will have 1 jelly bean left over
it is not divisble by 2, means it doesn't end with 0 (ending with 0 means it is divisible by 10, and 10 is divisible by 2)

groups of 3
not divisble by 3 (a hack to test, is that you add the digits and if the sum is divisble by 3, then the number is divisble), the list below is eliminated numbers divisble by 3

if makes group of 2 will have exactly 1 left over
5/3 has remainder of 2, eliminate
25 works so far (2*12=24,3*8=24,4*6=24)
35/4 has remainder of 3, eliminate
55/4 has remainder of 3, eliminate
65/3 has remainder of 2, eliminate
85 works
95/3 has remainder of 2,eliminate

the ones that work are 25 aand 85

she could have 25 or 85 jelly beans

so we are told that if the teacher makes the number of jelly beans she has (call that x) into groups of 2, 3, or 4 she'll have 1 jelly left over. to put that in math terms, x leaves a remainder of 1 when divided by 2, 3, or 4. This then implies that (x-1) is a multiple of 2, 3, or 4 (think about it!!!). all common multiples of 2, 3, or 4 must be a multiple of the LEAST common multiple of 2, 3 and 4. the least common multiple of those 3 numbers is 12. this means our common multiples can be:
12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 (we stop listing here because the number of jelly beans is less than 100)
this also means the possible number of jelly beans she can have is the numbers in the previous list plus 1 (remember it is x-1 NOT x that is the common multiple of 2, 3, 4):
13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73, 85, 97
now we use our last clue which is if the teacher groups her jelly beans in groups of 5 there will be none left over. this is equivalent to saying that the number of jelly beans is a multiple of 5. we look through our 2nd list and find that only 25, and 85 is a multiple of 5.  therefore the number of jelly beans the teacher can have is 25 and 85.
note that we took the problem in steps and used process of elimination to determine which of the natural numbers less than 100 can be the answer to the question. this is a very very good strategy in problem solving, but it can be challenging to know what order to take the "steps" but that can be mastered with patient practice.

let me know if you have any questions!!!!

PLS HELP!!A graphic designer created a logo on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper. In order to be placed on a business card, the logo needs to be 1 7/10 by 2 1/5. What is the scale factor of the dilation?



0.2  (compression)

Step-by-step explanation:


Length of paper = 11 inches,

Width of paper = 8 1/2 = 17/2 inches

Length of logo = 2 1/5 = 11/5 inches

Width of logo = 1 7/10 = 17/10 inches

Scale factor based on Length

=Length of Logo ÷ Length of paper

= 11/5 ÷ 11

= 0.2  (since it is less than 1, this is a compression)

(Sanity Check: Check width scale factor = length scale factor)

Scale factor based on width

=Width of Logo ÷ Width of paper

= 16/10 ÷ 17/2

= 0.2  (this is the same as the length scale factor so this checks out ok!)

Photo above! How do I find the area of this? It says the answer is 1027ft but whenever I do it I don't get that


Total area = area of rectangle + area of triangle

area of rectangle = l * w

area of triangle= 1/2 (  b * h )

rectangle-  26 * 31 = 806

triangle- 1/2 ( 26 * 17 ) [ <-- 48 - 31 ] = 221

221 + 806 = 1027 ft squared

2 ways

cut into rectangle and triangle
2 recognize teh trapezoid

cut into rectangle and triangle
area of rectnagle=height times base

are oftrianngle=height times base times 1/2

rectangle=26 times 31=806


we have to know the base legnth
since the top is 31
and bottom is 48
the extra bit is 48-31=17
area=1/2 times 26 times 17=221

rectangle+traingle=806+221=1027 square units

other way
area of trapezoid=1/2(b1+b2) times height
A=1/2(31+48) times 26
A=1027 squaer units

2/3x -1=9-1/6x please help thanks


I hope this helps you






A regular polygonhas 100 sides.
What is the measure of each
exterior angle?
Please help!!


The measure of each exterior angle is 3.6° provided the regular polygon has 100 sides. This can be obtained by using formula for finding the same.

What is the formula for finding exterior angle of a regular polygon?

The formula for finding exterior angle of a regular polygon is,

360°/number of sides

Calculate the exterior angle:

Given that, number of sides = 100

By using the formula, exterior angle =360°/100 = 3.6°

Hence the measure of each exterior angle is 3.6° provided the regular polygon has 100 sides.

Learn more about finding exterior angle of regular polygon here:




3.6° = ext. angle

Step-by-step explanation:

For the shape to be a regular polygon, all interior angles must be congruent.

We can find every interior angle by using the formula:





176.4 = each int. angle

We also know that int. and ext. angles are supplementary!

180 = 176.4 - x

3.6° = ext. angle

Mariel wrote these checks from her checking account: $10, $10, $31, and $10. Which number shows the change in the balance of her checking account?a: $ -61
b: $ -1
c: $ 1
d: $ 61


A:$-61 is the correct answer
I would say A, if Mariel is writing the checks, doesn't this mean that she is taking money away from her accounts? A: $ -61