What does the narrator allude to at the end of this sentence from Mark Twain's "The 1,000,000 Bank-Note"? "So I loved her all the more, seeing she could be so cheerful when there wasn't anything to be cheerful about; for I might soon need that kind of wife, you know, the way things looked." A) the possibility of Adams having to leave the country to escape his creditors B) the possibility of requiring a wife who could match Adams social standards C) the possibility of Adams failure and having a lot of debt to repay D) the possibility of Adams taking up permanent residence in London


Answer 1

In this short story by Mark Twain, the main protagonist is put on a bet which the story revolves around. This excerpt is towards the end of the story. Actually, there is no metaphor and the given excerpt describes a real situation. Therefore, the correct answer is "B) the possibility of requiring a wife who could match Adams social standards." The narrator tells that "nothing to be cheerful about" since he became a millionaire unexpectedly and with "that kind of woman" he points out to the woman for his own standards.

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Which personal pronoun correctly completes the sentence? The competitors in the egg-tossing contest will be Maria, Candida, and __________. A. I B. my C. me
Read the following lines from Walt Whitman’s “I hear America Singing” : I hear America singing, the varies carols I hear, Those of mechanics, each one singing his, as it should be Blithe and strong; The carpenter singing his as he measures his plank or beam, Which language best contributes to the enthusiastic tone?A) The words Blithe and Strong B) The words mechanics and carpenter C) The words hear and varied D) The repeated use of the word singing
In "My Father Is a Simple Man," what do the lines "and when the bitter-hard reality / comes at me like a punishing / evil stranger" contain? A. a rhyming couplet B. a simile C. a metaphor D. an allusion
Which word in this sentence is a participle?My sister is a young fashion designer but has a flourishing business.a. youngb. hasc. flourishingd. fashion
I have to do an essay, roughly 4 pages long on Emily Dickinson, the question is " Emily Dickinson explores extreme states of mind in a style that is strikingly eccentric. Do you agree with this overview of Dickinson's poetry?" Please note that I only studied, I heard a fly buzz, a bird came down the walk, a taste of liquor never brewed, after a great pain comes a formal feeling and hope is a thing with feathers :) no copping from the internet please :)

One reason for making a new outline of your writing


One reason is, it basically writes your paper for you. You write it out and then, read it over. Any mistakes of out of order stuff you can easily fix. Then you wrtie your paper. The outline takes forever, but boy is it easier to write the actual paper.

Which additional word or words in the sentence should be capitalized? Is your favorite football team the seattle seahawks? Choose all answers that are correct. A.Seahawks B.Seattle C.Football D.Team


A,B And D

Are All the Correct answer

Hope I Helped

The correct answers are A, B, and D.

In this poem Tennyson refers to both Ulysses and Achilles what is this technique called in literaturea. Alliteration
b. Allusion
c. Assonance
d. Personification


The correct answer is B. allusion.

Allusion is a figure of speech that writers (usually poets) use when they want to refer to someone or something outside of that particular text that they are writing. Given that Ulysses and Achilles do not actually appear in the poem, when Tennyson is referring to them, he is using allusion - he is just alluding to their existence and significance to make a point.

In the poem "Righteous" by Tennyson, he refers to both Ulysses and Achilles what is this technique called in literature "d. Personification" since he is describing traits. 

In which famous work by Adam Smith does the author suggest that the greatest threat to economic growth is government intervention?


The answer is The Wealth of Nations. This is an essential work of financial and social theory by Adam Smith, circulated in 1776. Its whole title was Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. In it he examined the association between work and the manufacture of a nation's wealth.



The Wealth of Nations

The firefighters were enervated by the ____ forest fires, so they decided to eat and rest before returning to work.


"The firefighters were enervated by the thrill of fighting forest fires, so they decided to eat and rest before returning to work" would be the best option. 

Final answer:

The sentence needs a descriptive word that highlights the difficulty or intensity of the forest fires, causing the firefighters to feel 'enervated' or weakened. Words like 'exhausting', 'intense', or 'relentless' can be used in this context.


The sentence is missing a descriptive word which should be filled in the blank. The word should describe forest fires and emphasize how exhausting these are for the firefighters. Based on the context, suitable words can be 'exhausting', 'intense', or 'relentless'. Thus, the sentence could be: 'The firefighters were enervated by the relentless forest fires, so they decided to eat and rest before returning to work.'

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The term used when someone puts off doing something that should be done is:


Procrastinate perhaps? There are a few more that mean the same thing.