What letter comes next


Answer 1
Answer: If im not wrong, is seconds, minute, hour,day,month and year so the answer is Y 

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What is the essence of poetry
What is a thesis? A. the last sentence of the introductory paragraph in an essay B. a summary of the main ideas in and an academic argument C. a claim or judgement that will be argued in an essay D. all of the above
"The clump of laurel in which the criminal lay was in the angle of a road which after ascending southward a steep acclivity to that point turned sharply to the west, running along the summit for perhaps one hundred yards. There it turned southward again and went zigzagging downward through the forest. At the salient of that second angle was a large flat rock, jutting out northward, overlooking the deep valley from which the road ascended. The rock capped a high cliff; a stone dropped from its outer edge would have fallen sheer downward one thousand feet to the tops of the pines. The angle where the soldier lay was on another spur of the same cliff. Had be been awake he would have commanded a view, not only of the short arm of the road and the jutting rock, but of the entire profile of the cliff below it. It might well have made him giddy to look." The description of the setting in the paragraph above, helps create A. the exposition. B. the rising action. C. the climax. D. the conflict.
why might people be more inclined to put up with a government that is less than satisfactory rather than change it
What does 'hit or miss' mean?

If you're always trustworthy, you are never _____


If you're always trustworthy, you are never DISHONEST.
The answer is dishonest because if you are always trustworthy you are never dishonest

Why shouldn't the word Atlantic be divided by a hyphen? A. Do not separate a one-letter syllable from the rest of the word. B. A two-letter word ending should not be carried over to the next line. C. Do not divide proper nouns or proper adjectives. D. Do not divide a one-syllable word.


C. Do not divide proper nouns or proper adjectives. 

The word Atlantic can be a noun or an adjective depending on its usage. It does not need to be hyphenated when not used with prefixes when they come before the word. 

The answer to your question is C

How much did the Alamo cost


i think $100 million to $140 million plz put as the best answer if it helped
I know Alamo costed around 140 million.

Which term correctly identifies the underlined words in the sentence? When books have tiny print, the words are difficult to read.


participial phrase


infinitive phrase


I would disagree. To read would be considered an infinitive.  The reason why I think the answer is infinitive is because, I know in Spanish, which is similar to English, to do something ( to read) it was always considered an infinitive. It's an action verb. It's not d because there are no other words following the to read. Hopefully this makes more sense.

Is the group of words a simple sentence, a compound sentence, or a run-on sentence? The bustle of the airport, the sight of the airplanes, and the sound of the engines all make me want to fly.  A.run-on sentence  B.compound sentence  C.simple sentence


It is compound because it has more than one subject.

Hello?? divide 28 in a ratio 3:4?


First add up the total number of parts = 3+4 = 7
Now divide 28 by 7 = 4 (each part is 4)
Now substitute into the ratio=    3*4: 4*4  =  12:16 

Hope this helps! :)