How many significant digits are in 80,000


Answer 1
Answer: 2 because the equation can be reduced to: 8.0 x 10^4.
Answer 2
Answer: Actually it's 5 because there is no decimal space and if you only include 8 then that means the number is actually 8.

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Six popular brands of tea are to be used in a blind taste study for consumer recognition. If three distinct brands are chosen from the six, and if the consumer is NOT allowed to repeat any answers, what is the probability that a consumer could identify all three brands correctly just by guessing?
Solve the equations9x+2=3x-103(x-2)=-2(x+3)
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4. The admission fee at a play is $2.50 for each child and $4.00 for each adult. On opening night, the 1000 seat auditorium was sold out! When all the money was counted, they had $3400. How many adults attended the opening night's show? A.100B.400C.500D.600​

If you divide an inheritance of $45,600.00 among 22 heirs, each heir will receive A. $207.27.
B. $2,072.73.
C. $2,027.27.
D. $2,073.72.


The amount each heir will receive after the inheritance is divided is given by A = $ 2072.73

Given data ,

Let the total amount of inheritance be represented as I

where the value of I = $ 45,600.00

Now , the total number of heirs = 22 heirs

So , the amount of inheritance each heir will receive is A

where A = total amount of inheritance / total number of heirs

On simplifying the equation , we get

A = $ 45,600.00 / 2

A = $ 2072.73

Hence , the inheritance shared is A = $ 2072.73

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45600 ÷ 22 = 2072.73

answer B

Use a factor tree to find the prime factorization of 164


  On the first hand, 164 is not a prime number. Prime numbers are numbers that can only be divided by 1 or itself which is also greater than 1 thus;
Prime divisor of 164= 2,2,41 or 2^2 x 41
Here is the factor tree of 164:
/     \
2     82

 /       \
2      41
Prime factorization of a number determines the set of prime integers multiplied together to make the original number. 


2 * 2 * 41

Step-by-step explanation:

What is the volume in cubic feet of the prism, rounded to the nearest cubic foot? Do not use units or commas in your answer.




Step-by-step explanation:

There's a formula that i've linked as an image

Basically, substitute all 3 sides and the length into that formula, chuck it into the calculator and viola.

Or... we can use pythagoras' theorem and get the height of the triangle Height = 3^(2) - 1.5^(2) = 2.6

Area of triangle = (3 * 2.6) / 2 = 3.9

Volume = 3.9 * 9

Volume of prism = 35.1

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probablity \: of \: \: six = 29 : 150




The probability of drawing a quarter from a bag of coins is 1/10. What is the probability of drawing a coin that is not a quarter from the bag?A.





1-1/10 = 9/10
9/10 x 100 = 90

So the answer is D, or 90%.

5 male friends are of different ages, go by different nicknames, drive different cars, have different jobs, and root for different pro football teams.Using the clues below, can you determine the age, vehicle, job, and favorite pro football team of the man nicknamed Tubba?

1. The man who drives a station wagon roots for the Raiders.
2. The man who drives a Hummer is 42.
3. The man who roots for the Bengals is a flea trainer.
4. The man who roots for the Cowboys has a 2-year age difference with the competitive eater.
5. The man who dives an SUV is a toothpick tester.
6. The man who dives an RV has a 2-year age difference with the 40-year old man.
7. The man who roots for the Browns is nicknamed Dubba.
8. The oldest man is 4 years older than the apple dewormer.
9. The 38-year old man roots for the Steelers.
10. The man whose age is in the middle is an apple dewormer.
11.The man nicknamed Rubba has a 2-year age difference with the man who roots for the Steelers.
12. The man who drives an RV is the youngest.
13. The 44-year old man is a beer-bottle capper.
14. The man who roots for the Cowboys has a 2-year age difference with the man nicknamed Hubba.
15. The man who drives a pickup is nicknamed Bubba.


the man nicknamed Tubba is 44-year-old beer-bottle capper who drives a station wagon and roots for the Raiders.