A particular frozen yogurt has 75 cal in 2 ounces how many calories are in 8 ounces of the yogurt


Answer 1

Total number of calories in 8 ounce yogurt is 300 calories.

Given that;

Total number of calories in 2 ounce yogurt = 75 calories


Total number of calories in 8 ounce yogurt


Total number of calories in 8 ounce yogurt = 75[8/2]

Total number of calories in 8 ounce yogurt = 75[4]

Total number of calories in 8 ounce yogurt  = 300 calories

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Answer 2
Answer: Just divide 8 by 2 and you'll get 4
Each container is 2 ounces so do 75 times 4 and you'll get 300 calories

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A vegetable garden with an area of 200 square feet is to be fertilized. If the length of the garden is 1 foot less than three times the width, find the dimensions of the garden. Please show work.



Dimensions of the garden are 24 feet by 8.33 feet.

Step-by-step explanation:

Let the dimensions of the vegetable garden is length = l and width = w foot

Area of the vegetable garden = 200 square feet

Since length of the garden is 1 foot less than the 3 times the width.

l = 3w - 1

Area of the garden = w × l = 200

w(3w - 1) = 200

3w² - w = 200

3w² - w - 200 = 0

By quadratic formula

w = \frac{1\pm \sqrt{1^(2)+2400}}{6}

  = (1\pm √(2401))/(6)

  = (1\pm 49)/(6)

w = -8 or 8.33 foot

Since dimensions can not be negative therefore, width of the garden will be 8.33 foot

Since l = 3w - 1

           = 3×8.33 - 1

           = 25 - 1

           = 24

Dimensions of the garden are 24 feet by 8.33 feet

Ok so I like to go in steps with these questions- first draw a picture and identify your variables.

L= 3w-1

Now we know that length times width gets us area so we plug in our variables into the area equation.

200 = w(3w-1)

When you foil that equation you end up with a quadratic : 3w^2-w-200 = 0

Either factor that or use the quadratic formula to get
w= 8.33 and w= -8

Since you can't have a negative dimension you need to use 8.33 and plug it back into your length equation.

Final answer:

w= 8.33ft
l= 23.99ft

*Now I simplified the decimals a little bit so you end up with 199.8ft^2 for the area so just add a few decimals on here and there*

The most important part for digestion is the:A : Mouth

B : Colon

C : Small intestine

D : Appendix


C. Small intestine...



Step-by-step explanation:

If triangle MNO is congruent to triangle PQR , which of the following can you NOT conclude as being true.. a- line MN is congruent to like PRb- angle M is congruent to angle P
c- line NO is congruent to line QR
d- angle N is congruent to angle Q


The correct answer is:

A) line MN is congruent to line PR.


We are told that MNO is congruent to PQR. Using this congruence statement, corresponding parts of the triangles are congruent. This means that line MN would be congruent to line PQ, not line PR.


a- line MN is congruent to line PR.

Step-by-step explanation:

It is given Δ MNO ≅PQR.

In congruent triangles corresponding sides and corresponding angles are same .


< M≅<P ,

Line NO= Line QR.


Line MN≅Line PQ.

Among the given options options b,c,d are correct except option a.

We can  NOT conclude as being true.. a- line MN is congruent to line PR

Shantels net worth is 5,480.80 dollars.Her liabilities are 3,260.60.If she increases her assets by 10% and decreases her liabilities by 10%, what is her net work ​



  • 6681.00

Step-by-step explanation:


  • Net worth = 5480.80
  • Liabilities = 3260.60

Assets = Liabilities + Net worth

Assets = 5480.80 + 3260.60 = 8741.40

If assets increase by 10% and liabilities decrease by 10%, then net worth is:

  • (8741.40 + 10%) - (3260.60 - 10%) =
  • 8741.40*1.1 - 3260.60*0.9 =
  • 6681.00

The surface area of any shape is expressed in?a. feet and inches.
b. square units.
c. cubic units.
d. length and width.


the surface of any shape often is a result of multiple two dimension so it expressed in square units
the answer is B
b) square units is the answer

Pls help me i NEED THI WNP



1/2 × base times height




Step-by-step explanation:

Area = (b×h) ÷ 2

=(18.7cm × 4cm) ÷ 2

=74.8cm ÷ 2

=37.4 cm2

Hope it helps :)