This year freshmen will be required to take English science and mathematics


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Answer: The subject English doesn't have CAPS error.

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Read the sentence.We decided that the bands at the concert sounded good.Which word is the action verb?a. soundedb. concertc. bandsd. decided
Which of the following must directly relate to the thesis? Select all that apply.the introduction the supporting details the conclusion
Laertes is grief-stricken when he sees Ophelia in her state of madness. a. True b. False
Read this excerpt from “The World” by Christina Rossetti: By day she wooes me, soft, exceeding fair; But all night as the moon so changeth she; Loathsome and foul with hideous leprosy And subtle serpents gliding in her hair. By day she wooes me to the outer air, Ripe fruits, sweet flowers, and full satiety: But thro' the night, a beast she grins at me, A very monster void of love and prayer, By day she stands a lie: Which statement best describes the theme?Love escapes us because of the change from day to night.Nighttime is monstrous, but it is better than daytime.Beauty can be alluring, but it is also dangerous.Daytime hides the danger and intrigue of night.
Phonology refers to the science which treatsa. vocal sounds. b. heart rhythms. c. nutritional deficiencies. d. blood disorders.

Anyone know how to write a essay? Inbox if do


Pick a topic. Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas. Write your thesis statement. Write the body. Write the introduction. Write the conclusion. Add the finishing touches.

Cara is reading a story that shares the perspective of William, the main character. Which type of narrator does this describe?a. first person
b. third person
c. omniscient
d. limited third person



a. first person


The first person narrative is the point of view of the person who is telling the story. The character might be speaking about himself and shares events that he experienced and also can be recognized by the use of "I" or "us" in the text. Since it's mentioned above that the character shares his perspective, the text is narrated in the first person.

A. first person, this is due to the fact that Cara is reading from the main characters perspective, not a secondary character.

What advantage does a business letter have over an e-mail?Because it takes longer to write and send, it allows “cool down” time.
A business letter is faster and more effective than e-mail.
Most companies won’t accept e-mail complaints and only respond to letters.
It is better to visit the company in person than to write an e-mail or letter.


Business letter have over an e-mail because it takes longer to write and send, it allows “cool down” time. Option (a) is correct.

What do you mean by Business?

An innovative company or group that engages in professional activities is referred to as a business.

Organizations use business letters to communicate professionally with clients, shareholders, investors, other enterprises, and customers. A formal tone and a predetermined format are used in business letters. Businesses utilize it to communicate key messages and information.

The main purposes of a business letter are to request or give information, relate a contract, start or prolong a dialogue, and/or go over previous talks. Although a business letter can be considered private, it is usually written with the intended audience—the other parties—in mind.

Therefore, Option (a) is correct. Because it takes longer to write and send, it allows “cool down” time.

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The answer is A: Because it takes longer to write and send, it allows “cool down" time. This is because the time it akens them to acknowledge the letter and mail another one to you it would've given you time to think about the situation and blow some steam off. Hope i helped (:

Unlike Romeo, Friar Laurence deals with crisis fairly well when he has time to reflect. Given enough time, he can place whatever happened into his philosophical system and find comfort. In Act V, on two occasions, he has no time to reflect and must simply act. What does he do?


Friar Laurence melodramatically takes all the blame on himself.
He tells the guards to take him because he has already condemned himself, he thinks it is all his fault.


He takes the blame for everything that happened.


Friar Lorenz is a Franciscan, confidant of Romeo. He is portrayed in the plot as someone sensible who can act in moments of pressure quite rationally when he has time to reflect on something. However, in the last act of Romeo and Juliet, he, acting on impulse and emotion, takes the blame for the tragedy that happened to the young couple and asks to be arrested because his soul has already condemned him.

People had to pay taxes to provide services for the newcomers.
a. Yes
b. No


People had to pay taxes to provide services for the newcomers.This is a false statement so the answer will be No. Thus option B is correct.

What is Tax?

A tax is referred to a certain amount that is collected by the government of any country from its citizens on different objects which is later on used in the development process of the country.

The tax collection is done by the government to introduce new development schemes for the welfare of the citizens by improving their standard of living.

The collection of tax will be utilized in constructing social welfare like building roads, developing means of transport and establishing hospitals, and investing money in healthcare which is useful for living.

The government also utilizes this money in generating employment by introducing new industries and bringing advances in technology.

So the statement that people had to pay taxes to provide services for the newcomers is incorrect as these services are provided to the people living there in the country.

Therefore, option B No is appropriate.

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a yes because someone had to teach them i would believe,

How can children and young people come together to build a peaceful society?


Now-a-days every citizen in a society is in the mission to make their society peaceful with full freedom.they are coming out of their houses to work out and bring peace into a society.this also brings children and young people together as they work in a group by organizing a programmes for peace and giving illitrates an awerness b6 ralies etc.every on not only in this india but also in the whole world are in the ambisition of getting the peace,freedom,education,basic fundamental rights,etc..this indirectly brings a child and the yongers together.