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Answer 1
Answer: I think the easiest way to answer all of these is to just go ahead and find the equation of the line first. 

I'm pretty sure that by the time you reach this problem, you've learned to find
theequation of a line that passes through two given points.  You have twopoints:  (2, 100) and (5, 205).  The equation of the line through themis [ y = 35x + 30 ].

6).  The initial membership fee ... the cost for walking in the door and signing up,
before any months, is $30.  (Also the y-intercept.)

7).  The cost per month is $35.  (The slope of the line.)

8).  We already did that, up above.  [  y = 35x + 30 ].

9).  'x' in the equation is the number of months.
There are 12 months in one year.

y = 35(12) + 30 = $450

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To find the volume of any cube you need to know the length, width and height. The formula to find the volume multiplies the length by the width by the height. The good news for a cube is that the measure of each of these dimensions is exactly the same. Therefore, you can multiply the length of any side three times. hope this helps 

~please only answer if you know for sure~
-Thank you-


ZW and DA are similar sides
WX and AB are similar sides.

Make a proprtion of the sides.

\sf{ (WX)/(AB) = (ZW)/(DA) }

Plug in the numbers

\sf{ (6)/(24) = (ZW)/(18) }

Cross multiply

\sf{ 6* 18=ZW * 24

And then solve for ZW

\sf{ZW = 4.5}

So our final answer is 


Hope that helps :P

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880689 is the exact answer
The estimate of 275558 + 605131 is 900000 because 275558 is rounded to 300000 and 605131 is rounded to 600000

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2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30, and so on
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

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5/12 because 4 1/6 is also 25/6
25/6×1/10= 25/60
25/60= 5/12
The answer is 5/12
Hope it helps

One angle of a right triangle measures 70 degrees. What is the other acute angle?



20 degrees

Step-by-step explanation:

A triangle's angles should 180 degrees added together, so 90 + 70 = 160, leaving 20 for the last angle.

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