Comment on the dominant variety of prose (narrative,expository or descriptive) present in each of the following passages.write a brief appreciation of each passage in about 260 words each.


Answer 1


Narrative prose

Narrative, as in, it recounts to a story as opposed to just offering a depiction of something or a clarification of an idea.

Prose, as in, written in sections of sentences instead of stanzans of lines as a sonnet would be.  Narrative prose is the normal style of talking and composing, with nonattendance of musicality, rhyme, mood and different characteristics of the idyllic structure . It comprises of the ordinary discussion individuals use to convey what needs be rationally.

The message in exposition is objective and not uncertain, on a specific subject, for instance. It is a type of writing wherein the work is written in exposition, rather than verse, and recounts to an authoritative story through activities. Many composed works are composed on this structure, including a lot of artistic works and increasingly present day bits of fiction.

At the end of the day, story exposition is the type of fundamentally every customary novel at any point is composed.

Expository Prose

An exposition prose is a scholarly type of composition composing or narrating that points in enlightingen its reader and uncovering an issue. Its like an unmistakable exposition yet it goes for not depicting an occasion yet uncovering it as something of concern or worth.

In creation examines, explanatory composition (likewise called work) is one of the four conventional methods of talk. It might incorporate components of portrayal, depiction, and argumentation. Not at all like innovative or enticing composition, which can engage feelings and use stories, explanatory composition's basic role is to convey data about an issue, subject, technique, or thought utilizing realities.

Descriptive Prose

At the point when you watch a film, the majority of the "portrayal" is accomplished for you by a camera and an amplifier. The sum total of what essayists have are words. So you have to utilize those words to enable the peruser to see and hear (and smell, taste and contact, as well). You can utilize them actually ("she wore a red dress"). Or then again you can compose all the more allegorically.

For instance; it's difficult to depict the exact look on a character's face when they're in an incredibly foul state of mind. However, on the off chance that you state that their face resembled "the sky before a tempest," perusers will get the thought.

Answer 2
Answer: First, you have to know what is the idea of a prose.
By definitions, a prose is a written or spoken language in its ordinary form. It has no metrical structure.

Then, the next thing you need to know is the definition of a narrative, expository and descriptive. In this way, you can be able to start writing your thoughts about each passage.

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how do bruno and shmuel demonstrate the essence of friendship despite their many differences what are their differences


They love each other despite their differences. Shmuel is Jewish and Bruno comes from a family of Nazis.

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!



Graph means write


like geography its basically writing the earth.

Once, a very long time ago, a man named Amak awoke in the morning and was very hungry—he wanted some dinner. Before the sun rose over the mountains, he left his family and promised to bring food home to them. Amak, whose stomach growled, knew his family was famished—and so was he. As he trudged along, Amak realized he had been walking for a long time. He wanted to find food quickly and take it home to his family.2Amak walked through the forest to find food. He looked into the trees to find birds and scoured bushes hoping to find a rabbit. He became frustrated when he found nothing. Amak knew he had to keep searching, though, because his family was counting on him.
How does the setting of the story make it more effective?


Answer:  lonely and wild answer b


USA test prep


" sun rose over the mountains"

"walked through the forest"

These kinds of phrases help us know what is going on in the story. For example, if the story said, "Amak walked for a while to find some food", we don't know where he is, or why he would be looking for food while he was walking. For all we know he could me walking around his house.

Setting is really impotent because it gives the readers visuals. A good writer will help the reader see the area around the character and help them visualize what is happening.

Hope this helps :)

Why is gatsby considered superficial ?



In one sense, the title of the novel is ironic; the title character is neither “great” nor named Gatsby. ... Further, Gatsby impresses Nick with his power to make his dreams come true—as a child he dreamed of wealth and luxury, and he has attained them, albeit through criminal means.


Identify the sentence that includes a collective noun.O After the game, the fans crowded onto the field to celebrate the victory.
O Even as a child, John liked to spend time with singers and musicians.
O Frequent flyers know many time-saving tricks.
O When John joined the orchestra, it soon became a major part of his life.


Final answer:

The sentence that includes a collective noun is 'After the game, the fans crowded onto the field to celebrate the victory.'


The sentence that includes a collective noun is 'After the game, the fans crowded onto the field to celebrate the victory.' A collective noun refers to a group of people or things. In this case, 'fans' is the collective noun, representing a group of people. Other examples of collective nouns include 'team,' 'class,' and 'committee.'

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