Benefits and Uses of Vinyl Tape in Packaging Materials

Vinyl Tape

Vinyl Tape

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Those who are looking for durable, flexible choice for commercial, manufacturing or industrial labels, Vinyl tape is budget-friendly solution for tags, identification or quality signs in a rough environment.

What is Vinyl Tape?

Vinyl labels are made of low-shrink, flexible, thin facestock which you can use to make thermal labels. For best results, we always recommend using vinyl tape with resin thermal ribbon.

Benefits of Using Vinyl Tape

There are several benefits of using vinyl label tapes, let’s take a look.

  1. Durable

Under normal conditions, vinyl labels lasts for around 5 years and are an outstanding choice for applications needing durability of high degree. These are resistant to fading and sunlight and are UV-rated. Vinyl tapes are also chemical and moisture resistant and are a perfect choice for rough environments where intense smear and scratch resistance is needed.

  1. Flexible

Vinyl labels are apt for both indoor as well as outdoor uses. These are amazingly flexible choice for industrial labelling. It’s highly enduring and pliable material makes it possible to use on almost any industrial surface.

  1. Vast Selection

Vinyl labels are available in a large variety and could be used to print labels of almost any length. Also with a lot of colour options available, vinyl tapes can be used for anything from equipment labels to signs.

  1. Immediate Printing

Vinyl labels can be printed on demand with the help of portable thermal printers and desktop. This helps in saving money and most importantly time by printing labels when you actually need them and in the exact quantity.

Uses of Vinyl Tape

  1. Workplace Labels

Workplace labels helps in maintaining clean, safe and most importantly professional work environment. You can use vinyl labels to communicate important messages such as company policy, safety and security messages that bespeak the priorities of your organization.

  1. Warehouse Signs

In order to keep your warehouse looking organized, you can use vinyl tapes on walls, floor or beams. Vinyl labels provide flexible option for such vital durable labels.

  1. OSHA Labels and Signs

Follow safe practices & act in accordance with OSHA requirements with caution, warning, right-to-know and danger notices. The wide variety of colour and size options available in vinyl tapes makes it quite easy to create durable, readable workplace safety & security signs and labels for using in different types of harsh environment. Plus, with their strong adhesive and pliable material, vinyl tapes can be applied where bulky signs would be unfeasible.

  1. Arc Flash Warnings

Any electrical equipment that needs to be adjusted, serviced or examined while energized needs to be labelled as it can potentially create the arc flash incidents. This often includes equipments such as panel boards, switch-boards, transformers and control panels. Use vinyl label tapes to save your workers from any potential hazard.

  1. Pipe Marking

Appropriately labelled pipes point to flow direction and contents and are colour coded to suggest any possible hazards related to the contents. The high durability and strong adhesive makes vinyl labels a great choice for labelling pipes.

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