Effectiveness of Face Masks in Controlling Respiratory Viruses

custom facemasks

custom facemasks

Right now, the world is engulfed with a rare pandemic found in centuries called Novel Coronavirus. It has created huge disruptions in all over the globe, infecting around 4 million people approximately. It is quite a rare contagious disease that spreads very quickly through human to human. It doesn’t have any vaccines or any sort of remedies available, making it a real concern for all of us.

Till now, it has caused total causalities of around 350K people all over the world, making it the biggest pandemic since the emergence of Spanish Flu in 1920. In that event, more than 300K people were also killed due to the fast emission of that infection, giving nightmare to people in all over the Europe.

What makes Coronavirus a real deadly thing is the fast rate of its expansion in the world. In late December 2019, it first emerged in the city of Wuhan and then quickly spread all over China. Since then, it started to emerge in every major country around the globe, infecting thousands of people daily with no signs of stopping any soon.

Right now, America has become the hardest-hit country by this Coronavirus, having the total deaths around 90K people recorded in different states of the country. That is way quite a big number as compared to Italy, Britain, and France, which are also affected heavily from this virus and are still struggling to get rid of it properly.

Many known medical facilities from all around the world are still not been able to understand the genetics of this virus. They are unclear about the genomes of Coronavirus as of now and hence are not been able to conclude anything positively about its vaccine as well.

The only thing these experts have recommended that can help us stay away from this virus is the personal usage of precautionary measures. In the current scenario, we must have to use PPE products like custom face masks regularly in our everyday routine. It is the right accessory that can protect us from the contraction of this disease, allowing our respiration to stay clean and healthy every time.

This article highlights the 3 advantages of using custom face masks in our daily routine. Let’s check them out below.

How Face Masks Helps Protecting from Respiratory Diseases

Here are the 3 benefits of using custom face masks in the current era of Coronavirus pandemic.

Guards Mouth & Noses

As we all know that Coronavirus spreads through human contact, it becomes necessary for all of us to take face masks whenever we go outside. Doing that, it helps our mouths and noses to stay protected from the virus transmission, and other tiny environmental bacterias. These face masks are made with a special crafting that helps to remove out germs from the inhaling air, allowing our breath to stay clean and healthy effectively.

Cleans the Breathing

As defined above, face masks help us to take clean breathing by removing out all the unseen tiny germs. We as a human, cannot see these germs from our naked eye because they are very small, but using these face masks, we can make sure that these microparticles won’t enter into our bodies through our respiratory organs i.e. nose and mouth. It is indeed a very cheap way of keeping our breathing clean and staying protective of Coronavirus.

Keeps the Lungs Functioning Well

When we use face masks, our breathing stays clean, hence our lungs also keep functioning well. It is in fact a very common science, that when our oxygen in-take stays germs free, our whole respiration process will keep performing normally. Otherwise, it can quickly get affected by those unseen viruses which will easily pass through our mouths and noses in case we don’t take any masks. 

Final Words

Summing up all the above, the usage of custom face masks has become necessary for all of us in order to stay away from the spread of Coronavirus and other respiratory diseases. You can find different types of face masks made up with unique styles and colors at your nearest medical stores, they are indeed very necessary for the safety of you and all of your family members in the current situation.

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