Enjoy New Holidaying Experience On Paxos Island

Holidaying Experience On Paxos Island

Holidaying Experience On Paxos Island

As a normal practice people visit different places during holidays to hang out with their family and friends and spend some quality time to relax with them. But, there is also a segment that does visit different places because of their passion for traveling and to learn new things about the natives of that particular place. An interesting feature about the people of this group is that they do not hesitate to even visiting the places which do not have even their airport or located in the remote area of their country.

In our today’s discussion, we are going to talk about Paxos Island in Greece. Located in the Ionian Sea, the island of Paxos is the smallest in Greece, which is spread in the area of only 7 square miles, but still is visited by lots of people across the world, mainly from European countries during all the seasons of the year. Well at the first glance going through the reviews published in most of the websites you might drop the idea of visiting the Paxos, especially after knowing that it is small in size, has nothing do, and doesn’t have appropriate transport facility to reach except the ferries available from Corfu.

Interestingly, traveling on the ferry will be your first step towards the holidays which is going to offer you a completely new experience of your life. Besides this, you will undergo lots of new experiences whether it is the place of your accommodation or witnessing the beautiful view of nature or breathing in the fresh air, enjoying sunbath on the beds placed at beaches, and many more. In short, there are lots of things which you should not miss during your Paxos holidays.

A Word About People Of Paxos

The population of Paxos according to the last census is around 3,000. All of them are kind-hearted, welcoming, and fun-loving. All of them will greet you with a sweet and welcoming smile, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Although the island is small and it is not difficult to search any location, however, even if you ask for any of the venues you want to go, they will come to drop you at your desired location without any expectation from you.

Holidaying Experience
Holidaying Experience

Things that you will enjoy during your holidays

1.Accommodation: It would be interesting to know that despite its location in the remote area, the island of Paxos has a well-developed infrastructure that you need not have to worry about the availability of anything. To provide comfortable, peaceful, romantic, and luxurious accommodation to the visitors there is a huge fleet of Villas in Paxos. Villas in simple words are houses that are well constructed and equipped with lots of amenities varying from standard to luxurious according to their rent and requirement of the tourists. Interestingly, staying in the villas will offer you a new experience, as normally during your holiday’s people prefer to stay in the hotels.

2.One Day Trip To Antipaxos Island: Located at a distance of 3 kilometres from the south of Paxos, Antipaxos is regarded as the gem of an island and also as the sibling of the Paxos. During your visit to this island, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view of Vrika and Voutoumi beaches, enjoy the fun of swimming in the transparent water.

3.Visit The Western Coast Of Paxos: From the year’s caves have attracted human beings and helped in understanding the truth behind the folklore. If you are also willing to enjoy the fun and excitement of pulling of the curtain behind any hidden truth, then visiting the western coast of the island will offer you an opportunity to visit the hidden caves and pollution free beaches. The trip to western cost is one of the highly preferred activities during the summer season.

4.Quaint Cafe At The Paxos Island: Watching other people involved in different activities not only is the best way to spend your time, but also inspires you for trying your hands in the tasks that you learn from them. Interestingly, watching the people is regarded as the national sport across Greece and the best way to relax. Although, this can also be done by sitting in the balcony or terrace of your villa, doing the same in Quaint Cafe you can enjoy the taste of delicious coffee and mouth-watering snacks.

5.Visit The Erimitis Bay Beach: Ermitis beach is recognized as an unplanned beach that came into existence because of an earthquake in 2008. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches of the island which is located on its western coast. The beach can be easily accessed by the road from the Magazia village.

6.Enjoy The Taste of Greek Cuisine: If you are a person who prefers to follow a strict diet chart and does prefer to eat the food cooked only at home, then definitely you are an unlucky person to miss the taste of delicious Greek Cuisine. On the island, you will find lots of restaurants known as tavernas in Greek language cooking the mouth-watering seafood cooked in a special way. The worth-mentioning feature of these tavernas in loggos is that you will be never disappointed as far as the taste of food is concerned.

Apart from these activities that you will enjoy during your holidays on Paxos Island and which will change your misconception about the island.

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