Everything You Didn’t Know About Paint Protection Film For Cars


PPF or Paint Protection Film for cars is a treatment that is often offered as an extra option by dealerships whilst they’re putting up an offer for a car’s deal. It is essentially an invisible coating of paint that is applied in the form of a protective layer for the car’s paint. Although the service was originally offered for new cars, it can now be used for older models as well. 

It never hurts to know more about a service beforehand. While you’re at the dealership and being questioned about what you want and what you don’t, you will not exactly be able to pop out your phone and do a quick research about what you need for the complete protection of your brand new car. To avoid reaching a stage of distress later on, why not catch up on the details beforehand? Whether it be a service as simple as car window tinting in Woodbridge, VA or a paint protection film, if you know what pros and cons they hold, you’ll be able to justify their use on the spot. This makes it easier for both the dealership and you since you won’t end up wasting time. 


  • Makes your car stand out. PPF is known for the luxurious look it adds to your car by making it look both new and elegant.
  • Holds superior levels of resistance against damaging properties. Whether it be rocks, chips, branches, etc. a paint protection film can protect your car from falling victim to damage in the form of scratches, rust, nicks, and burns. It can also self-heal to a certain extent.
  • Car cleaning couldn’t possibly get easier. Since PPF tends to repel dust and dirt to a certain extent, your car is likely to remain clean in general. You can simply clean up your car with the help of a soft cloth and don’t need to scrub it all over to clean it up. You’ll be able to perform subtle cleanups without water as well, allowing you to be ecological.
  • Last but not the least, opting for a paint protection film allows you to protect the initial price point of your vehicle by retaining its appearance. Cars will inevitably lose their value during a resale if they don’t look as flattering as they’re supposed to. PPF can help you maintain your car’s visual appeal, allowing you to make the right amount of money if and when required.


  • It can be a costly investment. All good things come at a price and the PPF is no exception. 
  • Although the material is said to self-heal, it’s not necessarily true in all cases. Only minor scratches can follow through with a self-repair but anything severe or bigger than that calls for a complete replacement of the film. 
  • Certain individuals have spoken about the film growing to be yellow over time. This can lead to a deterioration in the car’s appearance rather than protecting it. 

Quality Tire is a custom auto shoppe that can help you with the best of services in Woodbridge, VA for all custom car accessories and installations. If you choose the right company for your services, you’ll have no room left for worry. Choosing to get paint protection film for your car is a choice that you need to make by evaluating the value of its application. At the end of the day, the value of any and every product depends on the use you hold out of it.

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