Facts & Myths of Tungsten Carbide Rings



Black tungsten bands are sleek and striking. This black tungsten rings blend tungsten carbide’s nearly indestructible qualities with a distinctive, eye-catching design. Such beautiful concepts vary significantly from conventional models. The black tungsten carbide rings of women and men express a non-traditional, contemporary image.

Details of the metal

Tungsten derives from a Swedish word meaning “strong stone.” Wolfram, the molecular symbol of tungsten, came from its earlier designation. Tungsten has the most significant melting point of all metals at 6,191.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Tungsten has a hardness score of around nine on Mohs. A diamond, Earth’s most hardened rock, is valued at 10. Tungsten carbide is as half as strong as titanium and cobalt chrome.

Over the last few years, tungsten rings have grown in popularity thanks to exceptional longevity and the rings’ eternally shiny luster. Black tungsten rings are considered to be the best option for many people employed in specific sectors where they must remove the wedding band to avoid degradation. 

When your profession is hand labor-intensive, you should be confident that a tungsten band might not scratch and stay polished for a lifespan while a gold, silver, or platinum ring will start scratching and fading quickly. Tungsten rings are often vulnerable to scratching when continuously struck, although it wouldn’t be as fast as valuable metals.


For whatever reason, several people view tungsten’s ability to withstand scratching as evidence of being indestructible. There are fraudulent firms publishing web images of tungsten rings getting struck and not cracking. Maybe they’re scripted, or they’re not smashing it hard.

Tungsten’s hardness makes it scratch-resistant. The exact degree of strength often ensures it won’t snap, but if enough stress is added to it, it can split or crack.  It is not that feasible getting rings of simple carbide. Tungsten carbide itself is powder. You need a binder like nickel to tie it all together to create a shape. The perfect volume of tungsten carbide for jewelry is around 85%.

The reason to chose a tungsten-made wedding band:

If you work a lot in your field of work with your fingers, you can often strike your wedding band and notice a variety of minor scratches on the ring. There are a few options to avoid this: either get another career that is insane with the present economy or choose a more robust wedding band design.

It is firmly recommended that you must get a Tungsten carbide wedding pair to avoid such a thing. It is among the world’s most robust metals and is known as a groundbreaking advance in jewelry manufacturing. It is both crack- and scratch-resistant, and the world’s most scratch-resistant jewelry form. The tungsten carbide is very strong, much more than eighteen carat gold, ten times to be precise, 5 times more than steel, and about 4 times than titanium.

Selection of the best band size

While buying a band, the only approach to decide the correct size is to consult a jeweler and adequately assess the finger. Since tungsten carbide bands are manufactured in comfort-fit fashion, you can want to match the best ring size on comfort fit bands. If you are using the ring size of a band you already own, be cautious of its fittings.  

A comfort-fit band ring is angled inside such that less surface hits the finger. Therefore, a comfort-fit band can feel more prominent than a straight-fit ring for the identical ring size. If you already have a non-comfort-fit wedding band, the advice is to buy a half size down while buying a tungsten carbide band.


·         The best substance, in terms of scratch-proofing, that the world has ever known is Tungsten carbide. The jewelry made of Tungsten carbide, unlike gold and silver, is inexpensive and carry a good weight.

·         The rings made from Tungsten are easy and simple to detach during medical emergencies, better than the golden ones.

·         The tungsten substance doesn’t easily lose its shape since they are quite tougher, and in an injury, the ring won’t break so that it will damage the finger further.

·         Allergy-prone individuals can put on this tungsten jewelry.

·         The wedding bands made of tungsten are available in grey shades (natural gunmetal), and also in white, black, and even in golden colors can be plated.


·         Similar to a stone, the material of tungsten can resist scratches quite well, and does not deform losing the shape, however, it will crack if one applies too much force on it.

·         Renowned jewelers and suppliers can provide a lifelong guarantee that protects this by offering a new ring for unintended breakage.

·         Since they are too hard, tungsten carbide rings can not be resized.

·         Renowned jewelers and suppliers will have a guideline for lifetime sizing to guarantee size adjustments as the finger scale increases.

·         Tungsten carbide isn’t quickly converted into money. Gold is sold on commodities exchanges and is preferably liquid. It ensures everyone will transform gold into currency, or it’s just like a currency.·         Tungsten isn’t sold, so it would be impossible when you try to sell it sometime.

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