Facts That Everyone Should Be Aware Of The Breast Cancer

breast cancer 3

breast cancer 3

Cancer is the result of mutations that take place in genes regulating cell growth. The mutations will allow the cells to get divided and multiplied. When this happens in the breast, it is called breast cancer. This type of cancer will form either with the lobules or the duct of the breast region. Lobules are the glands where milk is produced, and the duct is the path for the milk flow from the glands to the nipple. Cancer can also form in the fatty tissues or the fibrous connective tissue in the breast. 

Symptoms of breast cancer 

Initially, it may not show you any symptoms. When the issues are more to the advanced stage, you will be able to relate the health issue with the following symptoms. 

  • A breast lump to tissue thickening that will offer the different feel 
  • Pain in breast 
  • Red pitted skin on and around the breast 
  • Blood or other nipple discharge sometimes not like milk 
  • Inverted nipple 
  • Peeling, flaking scaling of the skin on the nipple or breast 

All these symptoms should be given supreme importance and once identified, look for Breast cancer treatment immediately. 

Risk factors with breast cancer 

Knowing and staying healthy will help to follow the right measures and avoid breast cancer. Here are some risk factors that will prevent you from the issue. 

  • Female: More women are affected by breast cancer when compared to men. 
  • Age: When you advance in age, you need to be careful with such issues. 
  • Medical history: If you had a breast biopsy found in lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) or atypical hyperplasia of the breast, the risk is more. 
  • History of breast cancer: Having breast cancer on one side will increase the risk of having the same on the other side as well. 
  • Radiation exposure: If you have ever had radiation treatment in childhood or grown-up days, the risk is higher. 
  • Early periods: If you had your first period before the age of 12, you might experience such a condition. 
  • Having a first child after 30: If you give birth to the child after 30 years of age, this may increase the risk. 

How to prevent when the illness is at average risk? 

 Have advice from the medical professionals and know the number of issues you have with breast cancer. 

 Have more awareness about breast cancer and try to have a self periodic breast examination 

 If you want to drink alcohol, ensure you have it in the moderate quantity 

Types of breast cancer 

  •  Adenocystic carcinoma 
  •  Angiosarcoma 
  •  Lobular carcinoma 
  •  Phyllodes tumour 
  •  Metaplastic carcinoma 
  •  Ductal carcinoma 
  •  Inflammatory breast cancer 

The bottom line 

In this technically advanced medical field, there are enough solutions for all the issues. Similarly, breast cancer is also a health condition that you can solve with the right Breast cancer treatment and expert guidance. So, ensure you have enough medical assistance and have sound health. 

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