(GMB) Google My Business Function For Online Businesses

Google My Business Function

Google My Business Function

In digital marketing strategies, the function of Google My Business cannot be underestimated. Especially ignored. This is a great financial entrance!

Whatever your ‘Ninja’ path, be it in the form of services, product sales, looking for class participants, or whatever else, you must make Google my business one of the weapons of struggle. Ho ho ho …

According to Google, currently, more and more searches have local-based intentions, which means that potential customers use keywords online for local services.

At least, if you sell something, then naturally, ‘neighbours’ buy the products they need – what you sell – only to you. Not to marketers in other parts of the world. ‘

Just at this point, Google My Business function is clearly visible. Yes … right … yes … right …

Getting more interested? Then keep reading …

What Is Google My Business?

This post will take us to know more about the basics of Google My Business. Actually, we previously posted content about how to optimize Google Maps. Where discuss functions and explain how they work.

The initial narrative gave an overview of Google My Business. Which has a very extraordinary function for marketers? Local SEO strategies for any business.

Basically, Google My Business is a free tool provided by Google. OMG! It’s free … But it is very powerful and allows businesses to organize and update company information. Facebook can be found by potential customers when searching for their business on Google.

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Google My Business Function

  • The first basic function of Google My Business is to provide company information. This allows you to enter basic information, but it is very important for the company. Such as:
  • business name and description
  • address and telephone number
  • service provided
  • website address and hours of operation

Simple is not it? But know, dear, dear brothers and sisters, money seekers on the internet, the company information is very valuable. And it’s important to appear on the surface. So that potential customers know that you exist. The existence of this information is able to capture significant income potential.

The basic criteria of this information list must be accurate and up to date. So prospective customers can easily connect to your business.

Before this information was published on Google, this information was also verified by Google via telephone calls, e-mail or codes sent to your business address. As a way to get verified on Google My Business.

  • The second basic function of Google My Business is to connect to customers through:
  • Google Maps
  • Customer Reviews
  • Direct messages

Google Maps !! …

Oh .. Young man, if you type certain keywords that are related to the location of the business, Google Maps will appear in the initial section. And if your business is there, that means potential traffic. That is the money path that should be in your pocket.

That Google Maps, clearly shows the address and can open the map function when clicked which can give direction to your business, from the customer’s place.

Customer Reviews And Star Ratings

On average provides real customer experience and feedback for others to see.

You as a business owner can respond to customers through this platform with thanks or resolve problems that may arise.

Direct Messages

This allows you to connect telephone numbers (no landlines) where customers can send text messages to you through the Google Allo application with quick questions. And you can respond via text.

What does it mean? Prospective buyers contact you! Asking something they need. And that is yours.

  • The third basic function of Google My Business allows you or your SEO team to track, interpret and plan your business’s digital marketing through the Insights feature.

Google My Business gives you tracking statistics about how customers are looking for your business, how they are connected to you – by calling you, or looking for directions via Google Maps to your company.

You can also see how many visitors see your post. Posting is a piece of content that can include general information about products and services, promotions, or getting customers involved with what’s new.

All of these statistics can be analyzed by your online marketing team using Google My Business to publish content, links, or CTAs (call to action), photos and other information that can help drive more traffic to your website. And generate more calls for your business.

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I don’t have much to say in this last paragraph, other than to say that; Google My Business function is virtual to increase sales. For that, I really say a big thank you to Google Oom. Has become one of the media that allows me to connect with potential customers. Appear from everywhere …

To you, if you have stopped by this page, hasten to take advantage of Google My Business functions. If so, then optimize your local SEO.

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