House Hold Machines in People Life



If we just turn the pages of the history then we will find the word of Machine has been originated from the two ancient languages Greek and Roman. In the Greek language, machine word has been derived for the word “Machos” which means something that makes the work easy to do, as far as the Roman history the word machine has been derived from the word “Machina” and its meaning is “trick” or “device”. Since the word has been introduced and even before this as well people are inventing the different machines that have been used for several purposes and to complete a particular task. The main and the important principle for inventing or designing the machine is to reduce the human effort as much as possible to complete the task or to perform any job, at the same point it is also considered that the cost to perform the task must be reduced by using the machines. Companies invest the huge amount in the research and development departments to invent different machines or to improvise the present machines to make the work easier, faster and also in the less cost, these machines are normally designed for the two types of consumer, some machines are used on the industrial level classify as the commercial machine while some are sued by the house classify as the home appliances or the personal machines.

Our daily life is completely occupied with the list of machines and its usage starts for opening our eye till we go to our bed, in our daily routine we use several kinds of mechanical and electrical machines to perform our daily routine task, these machines help us to complete any task in quick timing with fewer efforts and in the better way as well. Some commonly used machine in the house that people use in their daily life is a clock, refrigerator, washing machine, air condition, car, vacuum cleaner, iron, fan, lights, television, computer or laptops, tablets, mobile phones, water pumping machines, stoves, microwaves, blending machines, and many other home appliances. These machines are easily available in the market and they are easily accessible and the people are aware of the mechanism of operation for this machine, these machines are also easy to use and are customer friendly as well as these are used by many people. After the new digital form of doing business, many e-commerce online stores have been set up that are proving these machines online as well and it is easy for the people as well to do the complete research for the product that they want to buy from the online platform. One person can even easily check vacuum cleaner for sale in Pakistan or even the water pressure machine price in Pakistan through these online platforms. Many suppliers using the digital medium and creating awareness about different machines that are useful for the people but are they are not aware of this or it not easily accessible for them easily. There is even some international e-commerce platform as well that are operating globally and provide the home appliances of many international brands that people can easily buy using these platforms. It is quite obvious that machines paly an impartment role in our daily life and we are bound to use these machines or some time to perform any task or to find the solution to any problem. For example, it is easy to reach one city to another city by using a machine called car or bus or train or airplane instead of going by foot that will take too much time and required too much effort and we will not consider it wise decision to travel by foot. Similar to several other machines are there to make our life easier and faster so we can live a better life with getting most from the time of our effort.

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