How BlogHer Took My Fizzled Out Post To 21,000+ Views

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As I am writing this, my post is the most popular on This is definitely a testament to the power of BlogHer.

It drives me nuts when people share stories about increased traffic, shares, or going viral with no stats, so I am going to lay it all out for you here, and you can judge for yourself.

Thursday, August 7th, 2014 – I posted Playroom Organization For Moms Who Hate Toys, Playing and Pinterest on my personal blog, Pecked To Death By Chickens. It’s a short post made up mostly of silly/sarcastic photos of how I would like to label my kid’s playroom toy bins. I cross posted it to my BlogHer blog the same day.

Playroom Bin – trains

Thursday, August 7th, 2014 – I promoted the piece via Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter. I also stumbled it.

Sunday, August 10th – I was at 265 page views for this post on my blog by the end of the day three days after posting it. (yawn)

Monday, August 18th – I’d had another 168 page views since August 10th, but it was rapidly declining, with only 7 page views on August 18th. My cross post on BlogHer had over 500 views, so the same post on BlogHer had managed to meet and exceed the views I was getting from my own readers. Still, nothing too exciting.

Tuesday, August 19th – The Family section editor at BlogHer contacted me to let me know that they were featuring my post. They tweeted about it, and gave it a photo to make it look pretty. They also featured it prominently in the Family section and on the home page — all typical stuff when they feature your post. They also gave it a slight title tweak, changing it to: 11 Ways to Organize Your Playroom for Moms Who Hate Toys, Playing and Pinterest. By the end of the day, the BlogHer post had several thousand views. I only had one page view for this post on my own blog that day.

Wednesday, August 20th – After one day featured, things were really taking off for my post on BlogHer, and BlogHer shared it on Facebook. The post became one of the most popular on the site (for that day), and total views on BlogHer jumped past 10,000. I also had 699 page views of the post on my own site that day – most from Facebook referrals. My theory is that the trickle of people who read the post on BlogHer AND also decided to come over to my site (a small portion of the BlogHer readers, but still significant), came over without having shared my post from BlogHer, and a number of them probably shared it directly from my site on Facebook, causing a little surge in traffic from Facebook directly to my site.

Thursday, August 21st – As I write this post, my post has over 21,000 reads on BlogHer, and the same post on my site has over 2,000 views. The post has been shared over 4,100 times on Facebook directly from BlogHer, and over 400 times from readers on my site. The post has ranked as the most popular post on BlogHer for the last few days as I write this. At some point, I think they remove it from the popular rankings to make room for new stuff, but I took a picture to remember it by!

Most Popular BlogHer

It probably isn’t what most people would call viral, but it IS mini-viral compared to most of my posts and definitely gave me a nice little traffic bump with zero extra effort. I’m not writing this to brag, (well actually most of what I write is to brag), but the moral here is that BlogHer can really rock your EXPOSURE and TRAFFIC, and should definitely be part of your strategy if those are your goals. I already had a lot of respect for BlogHer, but was still surprised about what they could do for a fizzled out little post on my site that I was already starting to forget about.

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