How Easy It Is For Beginners to Learn Stick Shift Lessons In 5 Easy To Practice Steps

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Many times there may come a time in your life when you will need to drive a stick shift car, and every time you avoid it because you didn’t feel that confidence in driving a stick that you usually felt while driving an automatic transmission car. It is quite unfortunate that these days people, especially, the youth didn’t show any interest in a stick. However, there is no better way to improve driving skills than by learning stick shift lessons before driving automatic on the busy road. 

The ability to drive manual transmission like a pro driver will allow you to drive any vehicle regardless of it being an automatic or stick. There are plenty of benefits of driving a stick shift, like getting better fuel mileage, and the best thing is drivers could have a safe driving experience. Driving stick shifts not only teach you how to drive a car in different situations- extreme weather conditions, hilly areas, but also expand your options when you will plan to buy your next car.

Simple Way to Learn Stick Shift 

For many beginners, learning to drive a stick shift is similar to learning to cycle for the very first time with no knowledge and experience. At first, the task to learn stick shift cars may frighten the beginner, but once you learn it from the Manhattan Beach driving school you will never take a back step when you get the opportunity to drive a stick. 

The following are the 5 easy steps for your first attempts at driving a car with manual transmission. 

  • Understand the different pedals and how it’s different from automatic transmissions

This is very important, if you are learning stick shift lessons, nothing can be a better way of learning than learn it and drive it by comparing its functions with automatic transmissions. While seated in the driver’s seat, have a look at the three pedals right at your feet. 

The first pedal you can see is called a clutch. This pedal appears only in cars with a stick shift. The pedal on the center is the brake through which you can stop the car and the right pedal is the accelerator, which controls and access the speed of the car. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the use and function of the gear shifter

Before starting to drive the car, have a look at the gear shifter (in the middle of the driver and passenger seats with a long rod and numbers printed on it) and try to thoroughly understand its use and function. 

  • Steps involved to start the car

To bring the manual transmission car in driving mode, you need to first press the clutch with your left foot and then the brake with your right foot. Make sure that while pressing, the gear shifter should be in neutral mode i.e. in the center. Then put the key to start the ignition.

  • Know when to change gears

Driving a stick shift completely depends on changing gears. At some point, you will need to release the clutch completely and only by pressing the accelerator with your right foot. 

  • Parking manual transmissions

Manual cars don’t have a park gear, so it is important to learn how to use the emergency parking brake. Unlike the process follow in starting the car, you have to put the car into gear, not neutral, so that you can have both the emergency brake and the gears to control your car from moving or rolling.

With the right stick shift teachings and tips from expert stick shift driving tutor, you will be a pro driver in no time.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an experience, learning stick shift lessons from Manhattan Beach driving school is the best way to familiarize yourself with driving and building your confidence on the road.

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