How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow?

Right Eyeshadow

Eyeshadows are a wonderful way to augment your eyes but getting your eye makeup on-point might be tough. Questions like which colours suit your complexion, how do you pair eyeshadows and lipsticks, which are great eye shadow brands,  how to apply the right eyeshadow, perhaps keep you away from trying your hands on eyeshadows.

Well, this post is going to help you get started with eyeshadows for a lovely experience. Whether you choose Makeup revolution eyeshadow or any other specific eyeshadow, you should not dread. Of course, if you have the best eyeshadows that your friend or a colleague has gifted you; you do not need to worry. But if you have no clue where to begin with and what to choose, then keep on reading.

How Can You Pick the Right Eyeshadow as Per Your Skin Complexion?

You know, the eyeshadows have a lot to do with your complexion. For example, I you have fair skin with a warm undertone, then for you, earthy colours such as bronze, cream and copper will bring out the best of your complexion. 

Then if you are with a cool undertone, then you should go for jewel colours such as emerald green and sapphire blue. These colours would make your complexion peppy.  And yes, you can choose pastels too because it would look great on both undertones.

Then if you are a person with wheatish or light brown complexions, then you might have warm undertones.  Cinnamon, gold, and rust will complement your skin tone the best. You might even use darker browns to establish a bold Smokey eye makeup.

In case you have olive skin tone then you must go for cool colours of eye shadows such as the teal and different other shades of blue. The teal colour would help you accentuate this undertone making you appear fresh and not Gray.

For the dark skin, metallics and bright colours would look fantastic. You must choose particularly teals, purples, and midnight blue. With cool tones, however, women with dark complexion require to be careful about the quality of the pigments so as to ensure that the shade comes out well.  

Finally, for those of you who have dark tan or brown skin, you might have a nutria undertone. It means it is neither cool nor warm. In case you have dark brown skin, then every sort of eyeshadow palette will look flattering on you.  You must go ahead and try them out.

Quality Should be Good 

No matter what type of colour you pick as per your skin tone, you must ensure the quality of the product. Otherwise, the colour might not look refined on your skin. You need to be sure about the quality of the product because otherwise, the eyeshadow can look dry, dull, or insipid.


So, whether you use Milani most wanted palette, or you apply a gifted eyeshadow, you must do proper colour blending. Right colours always look good and refined. Pick a shade that not just makes you look graceful but also uplifts your confidence.

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