How To Ensure A Complete Bug-Free Mobile App Development

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Developers do often wonder that if there are any sorts of option to create a mobile app which could be completely free of bugs. Releasing bug-free applications in one shot can truly be a myth to most of the developers. Here, it needs to mention that your app has also been designed as well as developed following an uncut zeal once you release it. 

You would be having a testing team or client knocking your head the very next day coming up with a big list of bugs. These bugs do happen for a variety of reasons such as third party tools, lacking coding practices, poor communication, and human mistakes.

What Are App Bugs –

A software bug is explained as an error or fault faced while running an app. The best thing is that it imparts incorrect and unexpected results or kick off behaving in an unintended way. Here, it needs to mention that it happens when development occurred. 

What About The Common Bugs Occurred In Mobile App Development

Here, we are going to mention what sorts of bugs may occur in mobile app development. Let us check it out- 

  • Push notifications not following ideal timing. 
  • A mobile app might start behaving strangely on unsupported gestures.
  • The interface is not appealing and supposed to irritate.
  • Bugs associated with input validations
  • Bugs associated with error handling mechanisms. 
  • Readability oriented issues.
  • Insecure cooking validation bugs could also be on the list. 
  • And configuration oriented bugs.

How To Create A Bug-Free App – 

  • First, you need to start reviewing code. High reliability over the testing team is the reason for skipping it. It is quite important to make sure the code has been reviewed in a great manner to ensure either minimum or no bugs. 
  • Automated Testing is next on the list indeed done by the software. It is generally incorporated by the reputed mobile app development companies. Automated Testing Tools can run a wide array of test cases. The fact cannot be ignored that manual testing is monotonous. 
  • Beta Testing is indeed regarded as the most commonly adopted method. It means it is all about using the sample versions released for the end-users. It makes it easy to emphasize mistakes. Moreover, Beta Testing also makes it possible for clients and developers to evaluate the app following the user’s point of view. Mobile apps development also indicates it. They find it necessary for the users. 
  • Test on various devices in order to highlight the applications. You need to make sure that you required to give importance to all sorts of users in order to get the whole market. The application must be responsive enough so that all kinds of screen sizes could be run on. You need to make sure that content does not hide aware or the significance CTAs are not skipped. Mobile application development also collaborates with this.
  • Apart from it, most mobile application development companies also say that it needs to understand that sort of problems your customers probably do experience. You need to go with automated report tactics so that process of testing might be made easier. A good bug report can truly help in order to resolve the issue quickly. 
  • A bug tracking system can truly help you in this context. Controlling the teamwork, it emphasizes in resolving bugs in order to enhance the quality of the product. It is capable to track the problems and perform an analysis following the time and efforts required from the team to get rid of a particular bug.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to create an app having no bugs. I hope the shared information would be helpful to you.

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