How to pass a board exam

How to pass a board exam

How to pass a board exam

It is always difficult to deal with exams. Your worries increase, fear suddenly appears, your memory seems weak, and textbooks are past your life. And if the trials we’re talking about are planks (God protect us!), If the panic attacks don’t triple, it will double!

Here are some tips that schools don’t give you to prepare for board grades 10 and 12.

Don’t make your timeline too much in advance

Plan one week at a time. You can create a 6-month timeline, but your priorities change on day 6. Keep it simple and practical – take time for breaks, snacks, chat, and even visit the gym twice a week.

Sleep Good

Make sure you get your beauty and strength sleep. We have heard enough stories that the candidates fell asleep during the exam. So don’t force yourself, you need the rest – at least your body.

Relax yourself

I know most parents disagree, but after full conception and training, you need to take time to rest and relax. Take several hours to do what you like best – watch TV, chat with friends, play a game, go to the gym, do yoga or anything that helps you calm down.

Avoid last-minute blocks

Closer to the exam, no panic, and constipation, especially on the eve of the newspaper. All you have to do is burden yourself and forget about the little one you already know.

Focus on what you know, rather than what you don’t know

Be confident that you have prepared well. We all have weaknesses, accept yours, and don’t worry about the concepts you don’t understand, but focus on what you know and improve it.

Eat well

Yes, you read it correctly … good food – the hell with dieting during the exams! Do not step in to write a piece of paper on an empty stomach. Get a comfortable meal – a bar of chocolate, a banana, a cereal bar so you can work through 3 hours of paper. A water bottle is usually placed in the exam room – be sure to wear one. Let’s hope your mouth doesn’t dry completely when you fill out the questionnaire!

Comfortable clothes

This is more of a casual than a fashion reason – plan your wardrobe and get ready to wear your favorite outfits on important exam days. The last thing that comes to mind, or the reason for the distraction, should interfere with clothing. And lucky scarf, lucky t-shirt, lucky color give you confidence, regardless of whether they work. However, if there is a rule that you should wear your school uniform, you can ignore this advice.

For getting tips about board exams, join the discussion.

Get your accessories right

Your accessories – an hour is important to monitor and manage the time well. Shoes should be comfortable, hairpins and rivets for girls should be comfortable.

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