How to play pool: rules and modalities

billard balls 1538786687

billard balls 1538786687

We can play French billiards, 8-ball, snooker, etc. The truth is that there are many types of billiards and ways to play. Although there are hundreds of different modalities, we are going to talk about the best-known patterns.

Among them, we highlight artistic or fantasy billiards, French billiards or carom, snooker, and pool or American billiards. They are some of the modalities not only better known but more practiced worldwide.

Different ways to play pool

One of the most spectacular modalities is artistic billiards, in addition to being one of the most difficult. We can say that attending one of these events can become a real show. This modality consists of a program of 100 compulsory figures. 

These are divided into ten sets of 10 figures each. You have to do them, making as few mistakes as possible to get more points.

The player has to complete the program of plays, very difficult and spectacular. Each of the figures has a specific score, and the total sum of points in each set is 75. 

The player with the most points wins. It is one of the most spectacular modalities for the public because the professionals do real tricks. It is as if they played effortlessly with the laws of physics. They are capable of impossible ball movements and incredible runs.

French billiards or carom

Playing carom billiards is another of the most famous modalities that we can find today. The objective is to make the player touch the other two with his ball and trying to get the balls to be placed. In this way, you should try to chain the shots to do as many as possible.

In case the player fails, the turn will pass to the opponent. Therefore, in case you cannot make a carom and touch the three balls, you have to try to leave it as difficult as possible for the player who is going to take the turn. 

Depending on the conditions of each test, the carambolas can be made in different ways. They can be free, obligatorily by the band, with a limitation of number within a few boxes that are drawn on the table or to three groups if desired.

As a curiosity, the table where it is played, as well as the rubber bands, are heated. In this way, the ball will bounce better and roll more smoothly across the table.

Snooker is another modality that is widely accepted, especially across the UK. But it is also very successful in countries as disparate as China.

It is a game that takes place on a large table. It has a pocket and colored balls. There are 21 target balls divided into:

  • 15 red balls with a value of 1 point each
  • One yellow ball (2 points)
  • One green ball (3 points)
  • One brown ball (4 points)
  • One blue ball (5 points)
  • One pink ball (6 points)
  • One black ball (7 points)

This game requires strategy and precision in all movements. The player must put in a red ball and then try to pocket the shots of other colors. The red ones that have been put in the pockets are not removed; it is only done with the colored ones until there are no red ones on the table.

A good player can snooker, destroy all the balls on the table, in one game. When all the red ones are put in, the colored ones must be put in, but they must go in order. Yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, and black, that is the order.

If you are not sure whether to put the ball in the pocket, you have to play defense. That is, throwing the ball against another red ball, touching it lightly, and leaning on a band, leaving the white ball hidden. What you have to do is prevent the opponent from having an easy shot possibility. Some games can last a long time because a player doesn’t have the day and plays defense.

Pool or American billiards

The American pool or billiards is one of the most practiced in the world. Above all, because it can have up to 24 different forms of play. Despite this, the best known are the eight ball, nine-ball, direct pool, and rotation, among others. This game played in a big pool table with cues by pushing the balls.

It is the most popular style of playing billiards in the United States, and its success has crossed borders. All over the world, its varieties are played a lot, especially ball eight and ball nine.

In this case, nine numbered, smooth and striped balls are used, like the ones everyone knows. The target ball (usually white and without a number) must hit a ball with the lowest number. You must get into the pocket, and so it must be until you reach the ball of maximum value. 

In case of failure and other balls entering any of the pockets, the points will be kept, but only if when the cue ball has touched first, the one that had its turn to come. This usually happens quite a lot, generally due to a hit (hitting balls) or not measuring the shot well.

The player will continue to shoot until he fails unless he manages to destroy all the balls on the table. In this way, it will have been done with all the points. On the other hand, if it fails, what you should try is to leave the worst possible position of the white ball. You have to defend yourself and prevent the opponent from launching comfortably. Finally, the player with the most points wins the game.

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