How to Prepare Yourself Before Dealing with Industrial Chemicals?



Dealing with chemicals is dangerous for everyone. You have to stay alert all the time, as even a single mistake can lead to a major mishap inside the laboratory. Dealing with industrial chemicals such as sodium hydride and more is not an easy task and you have to prepare yourself.

From wearing clothes that protect your whole body such as lab coat, protective glasses, and gloves to protect your eyes and hands respectively, to keep your worksite safe as well with having the right safety tools at the lab. Here are some tips that you should refer to before you prepare for some heavy lab work.

Emergency Tools

You should remember to always keep a fire extinguisher in your laboratory at all times to keep your work and staff protected in case an accident happens that might lead to a fire.

But don’t just go ahead and use the fire extinguisher on anything if you are not trained to do the same since there are a lot of other chemicals available around as well, you don’t want to run into a second issue.

Your lab should also have some kind of washroom where you can clean yourself up when in need. Cleaning your eyes, hands, and body after you have dealt with reactive chemicals is important to control exposer.

Always have a Plan B

Accidents happen more often than you expect them to, but that doesn’t mean you should not be prepared to divert problems coming your way. This is why always have a plan B with yourself.

You should have a clear understanding of the location and should know how to get out of there without hurting yourself, in case of an emergency. Talk to your peers, if others are also working with you, you should make them aware of the exit plan as well.


When dealing with industrial chemicals in your lab, you should understand the importance of having a ventilation system. Over time, experiments carried out in the lab might accumulate some fumes which can cause harm to your body if not dealt with properly.

Having the right amount of ventilation in your room can help you reduce the chances of something like that from happening. Always verify the roof for these things before you begin your project or experiment.

Clean Workspace

When dealing with dangerous and highly reactive chemicals, its necessary that you keep your workstation clean. Having a cluttered table or workspace often leads to accidents. And don’t forget to make sure, that you don’t have anything left on the floor of your lab, tripping inside your laboratory can lead to heavy damages with all these harmful chemicals around you.

Keep things Where they Belong

When you are working in your lab, make sure you have separated chemicals and the tools required in the lab from your personal belongings, food items, and drinks, etc. Never smoke in a chemical lab as it can lead to major accidents if the smoke reacts with any fumes or chemicals in the lab.

Handling Chemicals

When dealing with chemicals, it’s always a good idea to never substitute one kind of chemical with another. Every chemical has its own set of physical and chemical properties and has different levels of reaction with other chemicals and elements.This is why its better to not substitute chemicals in place of the ones that you have run out of. But If you are an expert and are sure you can substitute a chemical such as sodium amide, for another, then there shouldn’t be an issue.

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