How to Relieve Fit If You Can’t Walk After Training?

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Delayed acute muscle pain that occurs after heavy physical exertion was experienced by every amateur or professional athlete. Krepatura (DOMS syndrome) is the result of microscopic ruptures of muscle cells. This is due to the withdrawal of an excessive amount of lactic acid or physical over-stretching of the cells at the time of training. Pain can also be caused by the process of restoring the integrity of muscle tissue.

The problem will disappear on its own after 3, 5 or 7 days, respectively. But how to survive them? Some experts believe that Kush marijuana can be very helpful in relieving it all. But you need to learn first what is kush and what are its types and how which type could be beneficial for you and why? So, learn before you take any product. What to do to feel more or less tolerable, because at this time you need to go to work or study, continue to train or compete?

The sad experience of a veteran

One of the first experimenters to quickly remove lactic acid from the body was the legendary Gunde Swan. His method is dangerous for life and health, but you can’t erase words from a song.

In the mid-80s of the last century, a Swedish skier stopped hiding, thanks to which he can participate in multi-kilometer races for several days in a row, while steadily finishing in the first three. After the award procedure, Gunde went to a bar, where he celebrated the victory, drinking an incredible amount of alcohol. Having drunk in the trash, he, together with the masseur, went for 3 hours to the sauna. In the morning, Svan was ready for a new distance, at the end of which he, as usual, climbed the podium.

Attention! This method can be fatal. Skier’s career ended at 29 years old. The reason is still unknown, but rumored to be a heart disease caused by excessive stress and the use of its recovery method.

What really can help?

Among the safe ways to speed up the elimination of lactic acid, we can recommend:

  1. Take your time to leave the gym. Do a 10-minute dumb stretch through “can’t”. Tomorrow the pain syndrome will “catch up” with you, but its strength will be 2 times less, and several warm-up exercises will allow you to move and train as usual.
  2. Immediately after training, get up for 15 minutes under a hot shower. Massage future problem areas yourself.
  3. On arrival, treat yourself to a bath. Alternate 10-minute hot gatherings with cool rinsing. 3 cycles is enough. After rubbing the ointment or tincture with menthol, for example, menovazine.
  4. Drink “antioxidant” drinks – natural cherry juice, freshly ground coffee, or strong red tea, adding lemon to them. Those who allow themselves alcohol can drink a couple before bedtime, no more, glasses of dry wine, or a small amount (50 ml) of a strong drink. They catalyze gluconeogenesis of lactic acid.

Save from krepatury can:

  • Protein isolate shake
  • Glutamic acid supplemented drink
  • 2 grams of taurine and 3.2 g of BCAA, 3 times a day
  • Hydride Fortis solution

After training, go to the sauna or bath. Do without alcoholic libations. Krepatura will help to remove any type of massage and a plentiful drink of herbal drinks based on green, white, or yellow tea. 

By itself, deep general massage is also a good way to prevent the development of delayed pain.

When testing DOMS syndrome, drink caffeine in tablets before exercise, at the rate of 5 mg per 1 kg of body weight.

Final Words

If, after 2 days after the onset of krepatura, the pain stubbornly holds and does not pass, then it is not lactic acid that is to blame. In this case, it is necessary to rest for several days and use tableted and/or external agents (creams, gels) containing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 

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