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In January 2020 I was living in Birmingham but as I wanted to expand my business, I had to move to an area where I could work and give knowledge to people about my business. As I was packing the stuff, the contents of my house were increasing in number and I did not know how to take them all with me. I was moving to Essex, London and one of my friends advised me to place the items at a spacious place, and it’s better to take services of a storage facility from a company. I started looking for one of the best storage facility near me. As I was searching, I get into contact with one of the leaders there who were having a solution to each problem. 

About hello movers:

Hello, movers were the company I contacted because of a great reputation and the profound storage facility near me that was at the top-notch on the internet. I chose them because they have been working since 2006 in helping people in shifting purpose, in office and home removal as well. I was looking for such a company and when I saw their profile, It promptly clicked into my mind.

After contacting them, they ask me some questions regarding how can they help me, and either I need a space to store my items or I needed to have a transport service to transport the appliances, house contents, and machinery to the place I was supposed to shift. 

As I was packing my stuff, they provide me all the packing material including boxes, tapes, bubble sheets, plastic sheets, and all necessary things that are required to assemble things to pack them well. After packing my stuff, I could not take all the items at once so I asked them to provide me space, a storeroom where I could place the items for 2 weeks, and then get them when I will properly be shifted to Essex. What did they do?

They provided me an appropriate space with measuring in square meter to place my objects easily, safely, and with full protection. They took all the content of my house in their transport, counted them well, and stored them in the place told to me. After shifting to my place, I call them that I want to take all my stuff from the storeroom and they give me time to come and receive your items.

I went and received my items and took them to my place.


I will fully recommend their service as shifting was not easy for me and it was a big challenge to shift from one place to a new area in London. I would like to recommend hello movers to everyone because this was the most remarkable storage facility near me who is working not only in Essex but also in other areas of the UK. So If you are shifting, taking their services won’t disappoint you.

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