In what ways were you treated differently while you were pregnant?

kelly sikkema 076XLvcgeDk unsplash

kelly sikkema 076XLvcgeDk unsplash

Giving birth to a child is a beautiful process that happens in the span of 9 months. During this period the body experiences a lot of changes where there are different kind of symptoms that the mother faces every woman have different pregnancy experience. Different women have different pregnancy Journeys, to understand what kind of changes once body will have depends upon how their body will react to different stages of the pregnancy. The journey of pregnancy also affects your emotions and feelings.

One May realise that she is pregnant when she misses her period. That’s the good time to go and get a pregnancy test done and speak with your doctor for pregnancy tips. In the initial days of pregnancy one may experience little or no symptoms. Initial symptoms are eggs and pain in the lower abdomen in the joints, morning sickness, constipation, back pain, vaginal thrush, tiredness and leg cramps the symptoms vary from person to person.

The journey of pregnancy is spoken in 3 trimesters first second and third. The first trimester one may feel tired or possibly nauseous. During this time 1 May gain 12 to kilograms or maybe less if there is morning sickness. The Heartbeat and breathing rate gets faster. There are other minimal changes that the body sees like having mood swings. In the second trimester one may start to feel better with less fatigue morning sickness and less mood swings the gain of weight slowly increases in there are other noticeable changes that can be seen. In the third trimester the baby may be placing pressure. This time is almost the final time as the labour is near and there are very noticeable changes that the body has and everybody around you know that you are pregnant.

Things one should take care of during pregnancy.

During pregnancy there are a lot of things that one needs to take care of, the people around you they tend to take more care of you and the baby. Your daily routine is not same anymore after you become pregnant you see a lot of changes in the kind of lifestyle that you have been in earlier. during the pregnancy different health issues also arise full stop the eating pattern completely changes. you cannot exercise more often. you have to stay at home take care of yourself and the baby. 

A woman may be treated differently while she is pregnant amongst all other women around. when you see that cute little bump everything is more fragile now. All of the people around you know that you are pregnant and asks you to stay at home and take rest. There are a lot of changes in the body hence things like vomiting feeling nauseous are more common. For Once to consider the negative aspect is that few people discriminate when one is Pregnant though there are laws against these discriminations. Usually the changes that you face during these times are the ones that are happening in your body, there are a lot of physical and mental changes that a woman face during the pregnancy. The woman can face things like anxiety and depression stress mood swings sometimes she is too emotional or sometimes she is too angry. These nine months are very unpredictable because there is a living baby inside a woman. She is suffering she faces this pain and happiness of giving a birth to a new life.

The women only faces emotional mental physical changes full stop with this the care and love of the loved ones around her also increase so she feels a lot more special and Wanted.

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