Innovation of Abaya and jewellery in Pakistan

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Abaya are the most important part of girls and women outfit. Abaya is a sign of simplicity that can cover whole body. Abaya plays an important role in women live. Abaya gives comfort to women, it is easy to wear and carry. Trend of abaya comes from Middle East and South Asia. In Saudi Arab there women wear in daily routine, without abaya they don’t go outside. Many womens wear abaya and also do hijab. Many fashion and trends come in fashion industry but abaya has its own value. Womens can buy different types of Abaya. If we see old time there was simple black abaya no design and simple black gown. Abaya has many colours and design but with the trend changes in fashion industry, people get aware of latest design and style of abaya. Many women design their own abaya. There are various types of abaya fabric. Every women has its own taste in abaya and they what suitable for them. Many womens wear simple abaya with embroidered scarf, despite some womens like embroidered abaya. Embroidered abaya are made up of threads and motifs with lace. Many women wear designer abaya. Designer made abaya of best quality according to their customer demand. Designer designs new and latest variety of abaya according to trend and introduce in market. In universities and college girls love to wear abaya to get comfortable. Different cut and pattern design abaya is in trend. Mostly women when they visit Middle East countries they visited malls to buy latest style of abaya. Nowadays, Abaya is need for every women and they buy latest design. The price of abaya is not very expensive that’s why mostly women can easily buy abaya. Women looks perfect in every occasion. Some women also wear abaya in weddings with they carry embroidered scarf. Brides can also buy abaya to wear in big occasion. Women visit markets to buy abaya according to their choice. Women can wait for sale of abaya through which they can buy abaya in large quantity. Mostly women wear black colour abaya, old age women can wear simple abaya on the other hand girls and ladies wear light embroidered abaya. In this digital age when everyone is known about technology many womens visit different online portal to buy best quality abaya and do abaya online shopping. In Pakistan many women do online business of abaya and sale best quality abaya for women. 

Latest design of Jewellery

A choice of wearing good jewellery can make your personality more attractive on the other hand if u wear good outfit and wear over jewellery it can ruin your whole personality.

There are lots of variety in jewellery especially in Pakistan and Indian countries they have their own traditions regarding jewellery. In Pakistan brides can wear heavy jewellery in their weddings. It is the culture of Pakistan. 

Firstly, people can only wear diamond and gold plated jewellery but with invent of time there is was development in jewellery. Now people are wearing artificial jewellery with latest designs. In Western countries mostly people wear diamond jewellery.  The metal types commonly to make jewellery are gold, platinum, and silver.

Girls of teen age mostly wear decent and funky jewellery like bracelet, studs, rings otherwise womens can wear sometimes light jewellery and sometimes they wear heavy jewellery. A concept of “Mathaa Patti” is very famous in Pakistani jewellery. Jaipuri jewellery is also very beautiful. Variety of Bangles can also give priorities by womens. They like to wear bangles and traditionally its looks beautiful specially married womens must wear bangles. With the development of time there are lots of changes in jewellery style. Womens and girls are conscious about their jewellery especially in occasions when everyone looks beautiful and attractive they must notice jewellery. Some womens are very passionate about jewellery they can wait for new variety of jewellery when introduce and they buy it. Girls can buy artificial jewellery online from different online portal. 

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