Jorgedian Dihigo Caro: I design the future I want to live in

Jorgedian Dihigo

One thing Jorgedian Dihigo Caro would never have expected in his life to move to Dubai to become an entrepreneur, after a successful career in Peru and Cuba as a model, professional musician and tv presenter.

Dubai and Havana are completely different in terms of culture and lifestyle. It can be a challenging city to move to for newcomers. However, having extensive experience in public relations and marketing, he was able to build social contacts that helped him find his place in Dubai.

Being able to attend major conferences, events and workshops has allowed Jorgedian Dihigo Caro to further develop his skills and stay up to date with market trends in a fast-moving city such as Dubai.


Who is Jorgedian Dihigo Caro?

Jorgedian Dihigo Caro AKA Jorge is an entrepreneur from Havana, Cuba, who is currently living in Dubai. With more than 50k followers on Instagram, this entrepreneur also shares exciting details of his life at the same time. Jorge is also a PR manager in one of the most popular aesthetic and wellness clinics in Dubai.

Dubai is a fast-moving city, so in order to stay ahead I had to learn twice as fast. I wanted to make my business a success and needed to develop myself. I look up to a lot of successful people who are the best in their field and try to learn from them.”

Who knows where we will see this successful Cuban entrepreneur in five years.

Jorgedian being an entrepreneur has also planned what he has to do in his future. Some plans include opening new businesses and also starting a Boutique Hotel in Havana.

Jorge had moved to Dubai 6 years ago, and started his career in Dubai as a PR in a company at the start of its growth. After all this time – he has help build this company to make it one of the most successful and popular clinics in town.

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