Know About Bitcoin Faucet; Listing Top 2020 Bitcoin Faucets

To know about Bitcoin faucet, you need to know the different faucet platforms to earn Bitcoins. So better be abreast with these faucets and chose any of them.



Bitcoin has been a topic of interest among many people across the globe. This dominating cryptocurrency made its debut on 3rd January 2009. Initially, cryptocurrencies were not accepted as it was considered to be a platform to carry out illegal activities like theft, smuggling and other notorious activities. But with time, everything changes, the ban on cryptocurrency was lifted in the countries including big nations, India and China. The interest paved the way for the buy cryptocurrency in India. This made many digital currencies, including the dominant Bitcoin stemming its popularity in the Indian economy. Now people are curious to know everything about cryptocurrencies. Though you might be knowing much about the terms related to cryptocurrencies, there are some terms which you might be unaware of such as Bitcoin faucet. So today, we will let you know about Bitcoin faucet.

Know About Bitcoin Faucet?

The motive behind the creation of faucets was regarding the Bitcoin adoption all over the internet. Gavin Anderson, the core developer, is credited to be the brain behind the creation of Bitcoin faucet. The faucets soon turned to be business with the dispense of bitcoins to the users. Currently, users receive a small amount of Bitcoin from sites like faucets. Besides this, the display of ads helps these faucets earning a lot of money. Earning money from the ads than giving out to users makes the site owner churning out more profits.

Many faucets choose to follow two routes for the payment. They either opt for the direct method to Bitcoin wallet or follows another way through FaucetHub, a third party micropayment wallet. Initially, it might not seem simple but is a really good method as all the claims can be centralized in single or more than one sites. Through this medium, you can use either track money or can even withdraw it. Just like cryptocurrency, which is unpredictable due to its volatile nature, the faucet industry too seems to be mysterious. But there can be quick changes. So while you use a faucet, it is better to have a clear understanding of the terms.

Top 2020 Bitcoin Faucets

Now since you know about Bitcoin faucet, it is better to have an idea about the best Bitcoin faucets. So below is the list of top 2020 Bitcoin faucets.

1. Bitfun

BitFun is among the best Bitcoin faucets in 2020. In this faucet, earning Bitcoins is not much complicated. When done with the registration, you can move on to OFFERS tab to see the number of bitcoins to be received. After clicking on the Claim Now option, you are offered to play on the site, till the time you wait for free Bitcoins. There are multiple tasks to perform.

2. Free Bitcoin

To know about Bitcoin faucet, you need to understand about Free Bitcoin. To gain money, a user has to visit this Bitcoin faucet by tapping on the ROLL button. It all depends on your luck whether the amounts of Bitcoins earned by you hit the target around $200. After that, you have to atleast wait for an hour to press the ROLL button next time.


It consists of wonderful one-time use Bitcoin faucet that generates a genuine amount. Note that it is not complete free Bitcoin faucet. Apart from Bitcoin, you can have other alternate digital currencies. It is up to your choice whether to take out funds invested in mining.

4. Bonus Bitcoin

If you want to know about Bitcoin faucet, it is important to understand Bonus Bitcoin faucet. It requires email and password for simple registration. When the account gets activated, a captcha puzzle is supposed to be solved. To earn, you have to press the magic button. A Claim Now button is supposed to be pressed on every fifteen minutes in the middle of the page, and you will be receiving 55 Bitcoins.

5. GetYouBitcoin

Here you need to mention the BTC wallet address for registration. In every few minutes, you can gain around much Bitcoins, which is pretty much impressive. The first task which you need to do is to prefer reCaptcha, as it requires captcha two times. Then follow the other step with picture clicking in a particular order.

6. PentaFaucet

Here the Bitcoin wallet number must be indicated. For sharing free coins, a captcha must be solved by you. Then in the next 5 minutes, a Bitcoin generator will appear again.


So this is all you need to know about Bitcoin faucet. The discovery of Bitcoin faucet is credited to the core developer, Gavin Anderson. It became a successful business to earn money with the bitcoin dispensing to the users through multiple faucet sites. These faucets follow the two ways for generating payments. The first way indicates the direct method and the other one is a third party micropayment wallet called FaucetHub. In this blog, you’ve been given multiple options as different faucet platforms to earn Bitcoins. Apart from these listed faucets, there are other Bitcoin faucets which can also be referred for Bitcoin earning.

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