Old-School Melee: Which WoW Classic Melee Class to Choose

Old-School Melee: Which WoW Classic Melee Class to Choose

Old-School Melee: Which WoW Classic Melee Class to Choose

Ranged classes are cool in their own right, and so are spellcasters, whether they are indispensable supports and healers or high-powered DPS. However, for some Azeroth adventurers, there’s nothing like being up-close and personal with their enemies, so they go for the melee class.

If you’re one of those players and you’re new to WoW, here is an essential guide on what melee classes to choose and spend your WoW gold on!

Crazy Beast: The Druid

If you’re looking for a hybrid melee class, then there’s no other choice than the druid. That’s not a knock on melee classes as a whole, but a praise on the multi-role nature of this particular class. Since we’re talking about melee classes, the druid healer specialization is off the table, leaving you with either Feral for melee damage, and Guardian for tanking.

While the druid may seem like a jack of all trades, it’s actually not. The druid is a solid choice for melee DPS, thanks to its many abilities that deal damage immensely and quickly, as well as utilities and buffs that increase your attack and attack speed.

It’s also a great tank because of skills such as Barkskin and Survival Instincts, which reduce damage, and Heart of the Wild, which improves recovery. On top of that, a Guardian druid also deals reliable damage.

The Holy Paladin

The Paladin is quite similar to the Druid, as it’s able to be a completely supportive class. Of course, we’re not having that here, but the class and his party members benefit from the healing and damage reduction abilities of the class even in the tank and DPS route. And even in the Holy spec, you’re going to need to max out the Divine Strength talent so that it can give you a 10% boost in Strength.

Another thing that makes the Paladin unique is that it’s a spell-reliant class, even for its two melee specs. However, we’re not saying it’s a good thing; in fact, it’s a huge plus, as it gives the class its own character and advantages. The Retribution tree not just improves your melee damage, especially when using a two-handed melee weapon from the choice of

WoW items, but also gives your attacks Holy damage and then further improves the damage dealt by this particular type.

The Protection tree, on the other hand, improves your armor, the chance of your shield to block incoming attacks, and your one-handed damage.

Mauling Rogues

The Rogue is a great class to choose if you’re not into being too front-and-center when it comes to confronting your enemies but still want a very close-combat class.

The class has three specs: Assassination, Subtlety, and Outlaw. The first one relies on bleeding and poison–pretty much damage over time–in order to take down his enemies. It’s an indirect but effective and safe approach, not to mention the most beginner-friendly out of the three.

Meanwhile, the Outlaw spec is all about being a jack of all trades with a bit of a mean streak. It’s not as forward as a Warrior or a Paladin due to obvious reasons, but it has its own ways of dishing out pain.

Last would be the Subtlety Rogue, which is focused on staying away from danger by evasion or hiding, and then dealing deadly burst damage through the Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot combo.

Regardless of what spec you go with, the Rogue can become invisible, allowing the class to safely scout otherwise dangerous areas, as well as hide from imminent threats. It can also distract enemies, open chests without a key through its Lock-picking ability.

A True Warrior

It should go without saying that the Warrior makes a solid melee class. A few words are needed for its tank spec, as it gets the job done simply yet effectively thanks to its many talents that give it damage reduction, increased HP, the ability to stun enemies, and even deal damage.

What gives the Warrior its quirk, however, is its two DPS specs: Arms and Fury. The former, as the name suggests, is all about improving your weapon damage and critical strike chance and damage, as well as utility by either causing bleed or stun. The latter, on the other hand, is centered on building and using Rage in order to deal more damage. Aside from that, this particular spec has Blood Craze, which improves your recovery rate when you’re hit with a critical strike.

There’s nothing like being on the frontlines, feeling the heat of battle and going toe-to-toe with your enemies. And when you want that kind of life in WoW Classic, these are your best choices. Make sure you build your strategy around them as you buy WoW gold.

Good luck in Azeroth and may fortune lead you to cheap WoW gold!

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