Outsourcing IT developments: why and how?

Outsourcing IT

For a long time the prerogative of large companies, the outsourcing of IT developments also attracts, from now on, SMEs and service providers have been able to adapt their offer accordingly. Are your IT resources insufficient to manage the needs of advanced software development and support the evolution of your business? What to do? Hire more resources? Need technical assistance? Outsource completely?

Outsourcing your developments: what are the advantages?

IT Outsourcing In App Development Industry has many benefits.

Rationalization of IT resources

Outsourcing to a trusted partner makes it possible to occasionally resort to cutting-edge IT skills and to benefit from the best technologies on the market. You can rely on their expertise to the extent that they master development strategies on modern environments, on the latest methodologies (Agile, DevOps) or on migrations to the Cloud.


Subcontracting makes it possible to support the growth of the company at its own pace and to have the resources available according to its needs.

When the business grows and needs additional IT resources, all you have to do is turn to the service provider to have the resources available almost immediately. On the other hand, if the activity of the company slows down, it can temporarily interrupt the external service.

Cost reduction

Expert technical profiles are difficult to recruit and above all very expensive. The call for service saves the costs of recruiting and maintaining a team of in-house developers. Obviously, if your need for developers is structural and consequent, this point may be less true, but there is clearly a relatively significant minimum critical team size for it to be relevant to create your own team. For example, it is rarely easy to have one or two isolated developers within an environment made up of other profiles. As a result, the cost of a variable geometry team in conjunction with a service provider is often optimal.

Allow the company to refocus on its activity

By entrusting the management of its IT to professionals in the sector, the company can devote itself entirely to its “core business” and invest in the development of its activity.

By offering quality to customers, the company is in a better position to ensure a form of consistency in the work carried out. In conclusion, the use of qualified subcontractors has many advantages:

Save time and money on the whole process

Better yield than internal development thanks to experienced resources

Well-orchestrated professional project management

Fast and efficient results for an optimized budget

Products or services with the required level of quality

The keys to a good relationship with your development service provider

The development service provider, when involved, can be a source of proposals and become a true partner, an ally who will be keen to succeed and help you make your business prosper. However, ensuring a good relationship with your provider requires a few keys:

Define specifications with specific needs or a well-structured cooperative process to achieve them

Choose a service provider adapted to your infrastructure and / or software needs, and adapted to your financial means and the size of your company: neither overestimated nor underestimated

Make sure that the technical skills of the proposed team are in line with your needs: network knowledge for IT infrastructure needs, IT development skills for software needs, ability to audit an existing system and recommend improvements, listening and training skills, project skills…

Organize a balanced contract: given the intrinsic complexity of development projects, there is no point in hoping to shift all the costs and risks to the service provider; this would come back to you in boomerang during the project. On the contrary, a contractualization adapted to the defined mode of collaboration and preserving the interests of both parties makes it possible to build over time and to retain the best strategic choices with the advice of your service provider. With constantly evolving technologies, more and more tools and licenses are essential. A service provider capable of bringing you not only its know-how but also its automation tools will be even more valuable in terms of productivity and quality of development. But before technical skills, to verify however, by asking for references to potential service providers, it seems fundamental to be able to establish a relationship of trust based on a permanent exchange and over time. Proximity and responsiveness, in short, the interpersonal skills of IT service providers, are at least as important.

Onshore service provider: why proximity is important?

Apart from the sole consideration of the hourly rate which could have made the success of the offshore model, choosing a local service provider has many advantages and in particular:

Guarantee skills and follow technological developments

Make critical choices and opt for the most optimized technical solutions

Make sure to go in the same direction to give yourself the means to succeed,

Make project management possible in agile mode

Limit the increased risks of various kinds due to distance, language, culture and sometimes legal risks concerning the protection of intellectual property.

Indeed, the success of development projects is strongly linked to the correct alignment with the understanding of the business need. Proximity allows an effective interaction process between developers and users or product management and the creation of optimized long-term collaboration links. As this point of collaboration is often the most critical, are we sure it is a good idea to add distance, a difference in culture, sometimes in language and even jet lag? And that is without counting some legal risks concerning the protection of intellectual property in certain geographies. Only a sustainable and user-friendly process of collaboration between the people who master the technology and those who master the need can lead to solutions that are relevant to the need. Our experience has shown us this on numerous occasions.SoftFluent is above all a team of experts in .NET Website Development Hamilton and the complementarity of our .NET consultants, architects, DevOps experts , on Microsoft technologies allows us to intervene on many development projects and on specific needs with skills pointed. With its field experience and its activity as a software publisher, Soft Fluent offers you a personalized approach and pragmatic and proactive support adapted to whatever your problem.

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