Phone Display Replacement: How to Replace a Damaged Phone Display?

mobile protection plan

mobile protection plan

Due to the present trend of digitisation, smartphones have become an indispensable tool to fulfil day to day requirements efficiently. These handy electronic devices, with their screen-touch enabled functionality, help with readily available app usage across the personal and professional sphere. Given their indispensable utility, the protection of smartphone screens has also come up to the fore with individuals availing means like tempered glass or shock-proof cover protection. Nevertheless, given their exposure to risks of damage and accompanying financial losses, such protective measures may not be sufficient.

Thus, when purchasing a smartphone, individuals should also buy an insurance policy that can cover the charges for phone display replacement or repair. Moreover, these insurance plans offer several other additional facilities to protect the device from other threats as well.

Following are some vital details about the mobile screen replacement process.

Know the cost of phone display replacement

When discussing screen replacement, the first aspect to consider is the cost. Phone users are widely aware of the expenses that a phone display replacement can cost. Usually, mobile display replacement is the most expensive of all repairs and replacements. Depending on the brand and the level of damage, the cost can be significantly high. 

Thus, for most users, replacing it with a new display can strain the finances. Therefore, investing in a mobile display insurance plan at an affordable annual premium can be a wise decision to cover these additional expenses.

How to purchase an insurance policy for phone display replacement?

The manufacturer offers an extended warranty along with the device that ensures free-of-cost replacement or repair for any manufacture or mechanical defect within a given time.

However, these warranties do not cover any cost of damage sustained due to user’s fault like lax handling or other incidents. Thus, if individuals need a phone display replacement due to accidental damage, burglary or robbery, fire or other hazards, they must go for an insurance plan within 60 days of the phone purchase.

Individuals can buy a Mobile Screen Insurance policy online from Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. Complete a few simple steps to make such a purchase.

Step 1

As a first step, individuals need to visit the official website of their preferred insurance provider and look for an application form. They have to fill this form with accurate details like name, phone number, IMEI number, etc.

Step 2

After submission, buyers will receive an OTP on the previously provided mobile number to authenticate the purchase. 

Step 3

Next, individuals can be directed to the payment options page. Here, they can pay the premium amount using debit or credit card, UPI, mobile wallets, or net banking. 

On completion, insured individuals can receive all required details of their mobile screen insurance policy via an SMS or email. 

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Claim procedure for phone display replacement

Similar to the purchasing process, raising an insurance claim is also clutter-free and simple. Insured individuals need to contact the customer care executive team to notify such damage within 24 hours of the accident. Policyholders can inform the insurer via an email or a call. They need to back up such claim with invoices raised after phone display replacement.

  • Documents required to make a claim

When initiating a claim, individuals need to submit a few mandatory documents that can substantiate the phone display replacement necessity and cost. Thus, it is crucial to keep these papers handy to make this process faster.

  • Policyholders need to fill and sign a claim form with correct details of the damage or loss. Also, they are required to mention an estimate of the claim amount on the form.
  • Furthermore, the insured individuals need to submit documents like invoice or bill or valuation report to support the claim amount.
  • If the screen damage occurs due to theft or robbery, individuals should inform that to the police station and produce an FIR along with other documents.

Nonetheless, based on the claimed amount, the insurer may also ask policyholders to submit other necessary documents as per their norms. Also, individuals need to remember that this insurance policy only covers the damage expenses of a mobile phone display. Other necessary devices like chargers, which may or may not be damaged, are not covered under this plan.

Thus, for ultimate protection, individuals can consider purchasing a mobile charger insurance policy that provides financial coverage to their phones’ chargers due to accidents, breakdown, etc. 

Additional benefits of mobile screen insurance plans

Other than the replacement or repair cost due to accidental damage, a screen replacement insurance plan also provides various other benefits.

  • Coverage from fire and other perils

If the mobile display gets damaged due to explosion, fire, lightning, etc., policyholders can raise a claim with necessary documents. 

  • Cyber threat protection

Also, this phone display replacement policy offers security from various cyber threats like malware, virus, phishing, etc. Therefore, policyholders’ data can be secured from being compromised due to various scamming activities.

Furthermore, during this increasing cyber fraudulency, individuals also need to be careful about their loss of other essentials like payment cards. So, they can invest in coverage plans like a wallet care plan for credit or debit card protection.

As for smartphone screen insurance plans, they can come in handy when it comes to phone display replacement needs. Individuals can thus opt for a suitable plan to ensure financial coverage for the replacement of their damaged mobile screen. 

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