Pick the Profession that Suits You in WoW Classic

Pick the Profession that Suits You in WoW Classic

Pick the Profession that Suits You in WoW Classic

A brief intro of each profession and what you can do with them

Professions in WoW provide an additional layer of gameplay on top of the usual grind. You can gather up materials and craft various much-needed WoW Classic items or equipment with them.

With a choice of 12 different professions, you’re going to have trouble picking which one to focus on. There’s also the issue of how much WoW Classic gold you can earn with it to consider.

Here are the basics of each one, as well as each one’s potential to earn WoW Classic gold.

Gathering Professions

There are four gathering professions you can choose from. Many players like pairing them with a related production profession. For example, Fishing goes well with Cooking, as fish is an ingredient for many cooking recipes.

That lets you save up on buying the materials through the Auction House. If you have the WoW Classic gold to spare, it’s not necessary.


Skinning lets you take the hide of all kinds of creatures you encounter within the game. As you can probably guess, players pair this with Leatherworking. The latter needs the hides and scales you can get from the former so it’s a logical match.

Only the highest leveled skinners can get the hide and scales for the best leather and mail recipes. That being said, you can make a killing off those if you choose to focus on gathering professions.


This profession levels up as you gather herbs and flowers. These are reagents for Alchemy, which is a popular profession for supplying raids. Herbalists can profit off Alchemists’ need for reagents.

As an Herbalist, the most valuable thing you can gather is the Black Lotus. Alchemists need them to make high-level flasks and potions, and they’re rare to boot. It’s your best bet to get WoW Classic gold, though you have to find them first.


As previously mentioned, this profession is usually paired with Cooking. It works similarly to real life. You go to a body of water, cast your line, and wait for a bite. You’ll catch various fish, from trophy ones to ingredients.

Some fish are quite valuable, especially the ones used for alchemy and some of the rare seasonal ones. There’s also the pearls you can get from oysters, though they’re a grab bag. All in all, Fishing can be quite profitable, but rather tedious to level.


You find ore nodes all over Azeroth. Miners mine those for all kinds of metals Blacksmiths need. Otherwise, Engineers can use these metals for their gadgets. Any Weapon or Armorsmith who need those rare ores for the best recipes would pay for those. That makes it quite a profitable profession.

You might encounter some gemstones which can also fetch quite a high price.

Production Professions


Cooking provides a good source for buffs and recovery. Cooked food gives the ‘Well Fed’ buff, which increases some stats. Usually, that’s Stamina and Spirit, though it depends on the food.

Players consider some food particularly valuable, depending on their effects. Sometimes, though, the reason may be the rarity of the ingredients.


You can create equipment through this profession, much like Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Engineering. However, this one focuses on heavy plate armor as well as weapons. It is also one of the few professions with a specialization. Those are the Armorsmith or a Weaponsmith.

Weaponsmiths can further specialize in either swords, axes, or hammers. Due to their popularity, Swordsmiths enjoy more opportunities to earn WoW Classic gold than the others. Armor can also be a good source of gold.

Pick the Profession that Suits You in WoW Classic
Pick the Profession that Suits You in WoW Classic


In theory, Engineers should be able to make a profit out of all the trinkets and gadgets they can make. However, since only other Engineers can make use of them, it doesn’t hold water. At any rate, Engineers can make handy devices great for either PvP or PvE. The only downside is that these items can backfire spectacularly on you.

It’s not a great profession to make a profit off of, due to the above reason. You might consider it if going solo and need all the options you can get out of battles. It’s another profession that has specializations, Goblin or Gnomish engineering. Each branch offers different trinkets to and recipes to tinker with.


Leatherworking provides armor as well as armor kits. Players with this profession can create great gear for their leather or plate wearing friends. It offers further specialization to:

  • Elemental Leatherworking for Horde characters
  • Dragonscale Leatherworking for Alliance characters
  • Tribal Leatherworking

More than that, they can also create some other support gear such as ammo pouches as well as capes. You can profit considerably well once you can produce those high-level gear.


This profession caters to those who wear cloth armor. They can also make bags and roleplaying costumes for fun. Players who pick this profession usually go with Enchanting as their second.

Bags are quite profitable. Those that can increase inventory space for the gathering professions are valuable. Tailors who can make full sets can also earn much, as the set effects can have varied interesting benefits.


Turn those herbs and flowers into powerful potions and flasks. Alchemists can create potions with diverse effects. Having one in the guild can make or break raids, as everybody relies on potions when in a pinch. More than that, potions that increase resistance or dispel debuffs are almost always in demand.

That makes this a popular profession to pick, either for the potential profit or just to be useful in providing support. One big downside is looking for laboratories within instances to make the best potions in the game.

Service Professions

First Aid

First Aid is a healing profession anybody can learn. It allows players to bandage and heal each other in and out of battle. Of course, skills from healing classes will still be stronger. For classes without any other option than to rely on a healer, this is a definite must-have.

They can also learn some anti-venom recipes, though potions still have a stronger effect. By Battle for Azeroth in the retail version, this profession has been scrapped.


Enchanters can give various permanent boosts to equipment. Higher levels give stronger boosts. They can also make wands and disenchant gear into dust. That dust is the fuel for further enchantments. Players often pair this profession with Tailoring, which doesn’t need a gathering profession for raw materials.

Giving your services to boost others’ gear can be a profitable venture. Of course, you have to find all the best enchantments first. They can also make reagents, oils, and a particularly valuable trinket for Guardian Tanks.

Additional Information

You can choose up to two Primary Professions, and learn all of the Secondary ones. There are three in the latter category, Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid. The rest are Primary ones.

Now, here are the popular pairings and recommended classes to take these professions.

Mining & Blacksmithing – Paladins and Warriors

Mining & Engineering – Hunters, classes that lack a ranged attacking option, or those looking for a good time in PvP. A solid pick for DPS classes.

Fishing & Cooking – anyone who wants to provide food for their party/guild

Alchemy & Herbalism & Fishing – Druids are great at Herbalism, but this can be for anyone who likes to have potions on hand

Tailoring & Enchanting – Mages, Warlocks, Priests

Enchanting & Blacksmithing/Leatherworking – rich players who can buy the raw materials so they can make gear to disenchant

Leatherworking & Skinning – Hunters, Rogues, Shamans, Druids

You can also go deeper and pick a profession based on class traits or benefits. You can also switch to another Primary for a steep price. Since this is Classic, you can’t relearn recipes if you go back to your former profession, however.

Hope this helped you figure out which profession you want. A new world of crafted WoW Classic items and WoW Classic gold profits await! Don’t forget to continue enjoying the game as well.

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